Monday, March 2, 2009

RPC 7.0

I've been participating in the 4 Little Men picture challenges for the past few weeks. Well, I have fun looking at everyone's pictures AND I try to post mine when I find the time. It takes a little more effort, since my older pictures are on the PC in the office, and I mainly use the MacBook these days :) Anyway...Brittany asked a few weeks back if anyone could make her a button for her weekly challenges. I emailed her and told her I'd love to make something for her! She's a funky & happy gal, so I knew the bright blues, oranges & greens would be perfect! I had a great time making it, and it's fun to see my work out there in blog land! Grab the button and play along!!

September 2007
11th picture

HA!! Of course my September '07 folder was full of BLUEGRASS pictures!
This is my hubby and his good friend, David
Can you tell what they're up to?!?!
What good little hubbies!! They were obviously bored around camp...
and we had LOTS of potatoes to peel for our soup.

THIS is what I looked like at Bluegrass '07 ---->
Watermelon under my shirt :)

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