Thursday, May 21, 2009

shopping success!!

Barrett and I made a quick trip to Wichita this morning with Aunt Christie. She had some paperwork to take care of, so we tagged along and had great success at Target and Old Navy!

Our annual family reunion/golf tournament is this weekend in Bartlesville, and since it's the 20th year for it, we've decided that each family should wear a different color shirt. My grandpa had 4 siblings, so each family picked a color. In honor of Bapo and his alma mater, we picked Oklahoma State ORANGE! I have no orange in my wardrobe, so I was on the hunt. Nothing like waiting till the last minute!

I ended up with this cute shirt from Old Navy. Christie found it on the clearance rack for $9.99. SCORE! It's a lightweight cotton in a solid light orange, not this blue gingham. This might not be the exact shirt, but it's very similar.
I also got these super comfy criss-cross stap flip flops for only $5! I {heart} Old Navy! I got them in chocolate brown, but I might have to go back for another more fun color!

Then it was off to Target to look at a denim skirt I'd seen a few weeks ago when I was there with Audra, Megan and Christie. It was cute on the rack, but I wasn't crazy about it after I got it on. The side pockets made the hips buldge out too much. I wasn't too bummed about not finding a skirt with I found this suit!
I wasn't even looking for suits. I'd already told Christie I wanted to go back to Wichita next week to look for suits, since it was probably time to retire the maternity tankini I'd worn last summer :) te, he!! But as soon as we walked by this one, I loved it!! Everything I look for in a suit: V-neck is more flattering me...adjustable straps...padded cups...empire waist...and not-to-skimpy bottoms! The adjustable sideties are a bonus, and I love the navy blue. It was on sale for $16.00 each piece! I'm so excited, can you tell??!!

I also found a business purchase...this awesome metal beverage tub to use for summer photoshoots! I got it in a beautiful pastel green color.

I was hoping to find this adorable plaid one I'd seen online, but no luck! If anyone happens to see one at their Target...get it for me, PLEASE!!!
It was a super quick trip, but very successful! Barrett was such a good boy too. He fought falling asleep all the way up and back, so Aunt Christie entertained him, and fed him goldfish and cheerios. Thanks for letting us tag-along Christie!


  1. Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the shout out and acknowledging our insanely awesome deals.

    If you didn’t know, Old Navy’s offering up a fresh serving of coupons daily on its all-new online circular website, Roll up those stylish sleeves of yours and get ready to dive into another exciting week at where we’ll be hiding coupons worth up to $60 off $100!

    Also, we’ve got some exciting things coming up - so stay tuned for to get even more fabulous!

    Good luck and happy hunting!

    Nicole D.
    Brand Advocate working on behalf of Old Navy

  2. Today was so much fun! What do you mean thanks for letting us tag-along??? You drove silly! Thanks for the company. Made the driving go by really fast. I am so glad you found so many awesome deals. Can't wait for our next adventure!

  3. Great finds! I'll have to check my Target for you.


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