Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wildlife Park

Here is event two from our action-packed Memorial Day weekend :)

On Sunday, we decided to go to the Tanganyika Wildlife Park in Goddard, Kansas. The park is pretty new, but they had quite a few exhibits and lots of neat {hands-on} animal experiences.

Barrett and Daddy checking out the monkeys
Brandon and Jenn with a hefty load
We got to walk right beside the kangaroos. This one had a Joey inside it's pouch. See it's little legs poking out?!? When we entered the kangaroo area, the "Animal Ambassador" told us that seven of the kangaroos were carrying a Joey in their pouch!
Hanging out with the African Tortoises
Feeding the bunnies. Barrett loved this!
He would just reach right out and pet them.
I took this because of the kids riding a camel behind Justin and Barrett.
But, Barrett's obviously seen something ahead...
look at the excitement in his face!

On Lemur Island
We didn't buy any cranberries from the Lemur Lady, but we were still able to get pretty close to them. I walked the circle of the island and was waiting for Justin and Barrett when the worker ask me "Were you wanting to get off the island"? It totally cracked me up. I felt like I was on survivor...are you sure you want to leave the island? I told her "Yes, but I'm waiting for my husband and son." Please don't separate us! Ha!

I was planning to be better about handing the camera over to Justin, so I could be in some pictures...but it didn't really happen. This is one of the few I was in, and you can't even see me!

Papa, Barrett and Uncle Bobby watching the monkey's

Gangsta B and J

Take two...Brandon and Jenn (they're getting married in August!)

Couldn't get his hands out of his mouth!

with Gigi and Papa

On the way home. I think we wore him out!
We'll have to go back in the Fall and see what else they add.
There were lots of new exhibits being constructed.


  1. What a fun trip! That is a sure way to make a little boy sleep :)

  2. I didn't even know that zoo/park existed! How fun! The picture of your brother and Jenn...cracked me up!

  3. It looks like you guys had a blast! Thanks for giving me an idea of a place to take the kids :) Were you able to find your laundry supplies? I had to get the washing soda at Dillon's. And no, I haven't made my own cleaners yet but the majority of them that I have read up on use vinegar, water & baking soda as the main ingredients.

  4. That place looks so cool!!! Isn't is awesome how they get so excited now and want to pet the animals?! Looks like you had a great time :)

  5. laura,
    hey i was reading your blog a while back when you were talking about all the good deals you found at a consignment sale in wichita! I was wondering when the next one was and where at in wichita!? Thanks so much

  6. Very fun! We haven't made it there yet. I think we'll probably wait until Fall when it's a bit cooler! The picture of the 3 of you is really good and I love the last one of little B all sacked out.


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