Wednesday, May 20, 2009

the last few days...a picture recap

We've spent a lot of time outside over the last few days. We've finally had a little break in all the rain, and the days have been sunny and cool. Not crazy Kansas wind gusts either! Here are a few snapshots of what we've been up to. I've decided that I simply DO NOT have time for picture editing these days. So these pictures are {REAL} straight out of the camera images.

Lots of grilling and eating outside on the back patio. Since we were outside and Barrett finished all his meat, veggies and fruit...I let him feed himself some pudding :)

Playing with those pesky dandelions!

Trying out the fun coloring set that Norah Kate got him for his birthday!

Playing outside in the evenings.


  1. I think the pictures look awesome! I love the ones of Barrett eating pudding... One word - AFTERGLOW! I wish we would have taken pictures today at our picnic. :(

  2. HOW FUN! I love the 3 little teeth with the spoon in his mouth while mauwing down on the choco-puddin'.

  3. I absolutely love all the pictures. It's been so much fun watching Barrett grow up and I haven't even met him in person!


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