Tuesday, May 5, 2009

when it rains, it pours...

Literally...because it's raining AGAIN here! It's the fifth of May, and I think I've seen the sun for a combined total of three hours the whole month! That's not helping my mood today, because figuratively, it's {pouring} in my life!

I think it was yesterday that Justin ask me if I'd broken a mirror recently! Seems like it's one thing after another around here. Maybe it's that mysterious "curse of the lottery" you hear about! Since winning my $1000 jackpot at the casino a few weeks ago, we have been cursed! We put the money away until we could decide on a good use for it. We wanted to be able to get something fun and smart, and not just throw it into the checking account to widdle away to random things. Just this last weekend we decided we would use it towards new countertops in our kitchen and updating the lighting in there (ceiling and under cabinet). I was so excited! I've been wanting new countertops for a long time, and this option would add to the value of our home.

Well, that excitement is G.O.N.E!
*Cost to buy 3 big bottles of Drain-O to unclog the kitchen sink, bathroom sink and bathtub that all decided to clog within 3 days of each other...$21.00
*Cost to hire a plumber after 2 bottles of Drain-O didn't solve the problem in the kitchen sink...$95.00
*Cost for parts to fix the breaker box that decided to act up every time we used the microwave...$70.00
*Cost to have a motor in the drivers-side door of the jeep fixed today, after the window decided to NOT roll up...$201.00
*Cost of property taxes that happen to be due right in the middle of all this fun...$720.00
*Cost of medical bills we just got from the MRI and bloodwork Justin had when he was having ear/hearing issues about a month ago...$1500.00

Everything always seems to happen at once! It wouldn't be as big of a headache if I were still working full-time. But I'm not, so it looks like we'll be using my jackpot to help with the blow from our week of curses! This is NOT what I had in mind as I sat mesmerized, in front of those five flashing red sevens a few weeks ago. I guess I'll choose to stop being depressed about this, and instead be grateful that we have that extra $1000 to help out with our unexpected expenses. AND that we're all happy and healthy! We have much to be grateful for. Amen!

To make myself smile, I just look at {this face}

We took Barrett to the park on Sunday evening to enjoy the cool weather, while it wasn't raining! We'd been stuck inside a lot over the week, and he needed some fresh air and time to explore! These are a few of my favorite pictures. We also had a picnic...Barrett had his first Wacky Pack (Sonic kid's meal). So I have more pictures to share later. This might explain why he is clutching a grilled cheese sandwich in all of the pictures!

Hope the sun is shining where you are...literally and figuratively!
Have a great week! I promise I will TRY really hard to put a {get REAL} post up the end of this week!


  1. I am SO SORRY the weather is poopy there! I wish I could send you some sunshine, it's hot here but it's sunny. Sometimes I wish for cold and rainy but then I remember I get sort of sad when it sticks around for too long. I'll be thinking of you! (P.s. When it rains, it pours but at the end there's always a rainbow :)

  2. Hi Laura...isn't it so true about "when it rains it pours"...sounds like you had a yucky week with the house...that kind of stuff always happens to us just when we think we're getting ahead!!! Very cute pictures of Barrett...

    Thanks for keeping us in your prayers tomorrow!!

  3. Yowsers. It has been a bad start of the month for you. I too don't know what is up with all of this rain!

    And I know the exact feeling about the finances - Roger and I had a similar situation earlier this year. After paying for two root canals and crowns (a total of $3,000 out of pocket) we then had some house issues and car issues to deal with - each right after one another. Ahhh, if only money grew on trees. :)

    Hopefully the sun will shine for you soon!

  4. Wow...that stinks..but what a blessing to have that money at your fingertips to help cover those costs! Don't be discouraged, it will all work out.
    I'm with ya..need some SUNSHINE to help my mood, well being, etc. Have a Blessed Week!

  5. Rain rain go AWAY! And never come back ;) I love the picture of Mr. B leaning on the post. Too cute! It was great to see you last night.

  6. Sorry to hear about the crummy week! What a blessing to have the money though. :) Barrett is adorable. Definitely enjoy the sunshine today!


  7. It stinks when everything happens at once. Love these pictures, too cute... The sun is shining now! yeah!!

  8. The rain really brings out the worst huh?!? Sorry to hear you can't splurge with your winnings.

    Babysitters are hard to come by, and actually Kim is currently our babysitter :-) It didn't even dawn on me that the little one you are referring to hasn't been there in a long time. Typically I am in such a rush I just drop her off, say love you and get going.

    Hope you have a better weekend...and wish for lots of sunshine!!

  9. I am so sick of the rain also and I totally understand about the finances. Just when you think you're going to get ahead or have a little fun money, something comes up....tires, home repairs, medical bills. I've been waiting to buy a new kitchen faucet for almost 2yrs! LOL!

    The sun will shine again and things will settle down...just in time to get stirred up again. :-)

    Keep smiling and loving that little cutie of yours.


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