Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Letters to my Little Bear-Eleventh Edition

Happy Birthday to YOU! You were six months old on Friday, July 18th! It's been awhile since Mommy wrote a letter to you. Things seem to get busier and busier! Last week you had Baby Sing & Sign in the mornings and then you had swimming lessons in the evenings, so we were always on the go! It was your second week of Aqua Babies and you were really starting to get the hang of it. We still have three more classes. We've learned lots of different ways Mommy can hold you in the water so you can kick your feet and use your arms. They give us little balls to put out in front of you in the water, to encourage you to move your arms. Your favorite part is when we get in a big circle at the end of class and sing "The Wheels on the Bus." The water always feels so good and we have so many friends in the class, it's so much fun!

Baby Sing & Sign was a one week class we went to every morning from 9-9:30am. I was never quite sure how it was going to go each day, as this is your morning nap time! Most days you did pretty good...as long as you had something to put in your mouth! Mrs. Lori has the neatest instruments and toys. You favorite were the pint-sized maracas! We took this class with Lydia and Norah, and there were also two other babies. We learned lots of fun songs and signs, and even sang a song about hats!

You are now sitting up like a pro...hardly any weeble-wobbling at all! Sunday night while Mommy and Daddy were eating, you manged to get from your tummy to sitting up!! We have no idea how you did it...we just looked up and there you were!
You can really scoot and squirm now too. If you've got your eye on something and it's out of your reach, you won't give up until you've got it in your hands or mouth! If we want to show off your scooting skills to our friends and family, all we have to do is set the remote just out of your reach. You will always go for that! You can also get on your knees and rock. It's so cute to see you rockin' with you bum up in the air. Gigi was the first one to discover you could do this. I had to tell her not to encourage crawling! I'd like to put that off as long as possible :) Mommy just keeps packing up more and more of your sweet little clothes...you're growing too fast! We've already filled up one bin, time to go get another!

You still love bath time! We've taken the sling out of your tub now and you just sit up and play like a big boy while Daddy washes you up. I can already tell you're going to be wanting to stay in the tub and play all night when you get a bit older.

The exersaucer is great at entertaining you while Mommy and Daddy enjoy their supper. You also got a Johnny Jumper from your friend Addison. We hang it in the kitchen doorway, so you can play while we're cooking supper. You love to bounce!! Gigi has a bouncer at her house for you and you can really go to town in that thing!
Mommy only has SEVEN more days of work, and she is really counting down!! You are supposed to go have your six month shots on Thursday, but you haven't been feeling well the last couple of days. All it took was ONE week of activities with other kids and you caught the yuck! Your nose is runny, you have a sad little cough and you're not eating or sleeping very well, because it's hard for you to breathe. Mommy just wishes there was something I could do to help you feel better, so we might have to go see your doctor tomorrow, so he can have a look, and wait till you're all better to have your shots.
Have a great week Little Bear! I love you!


  1. Oh how the time flies by! Love on him a bit for me would you? I haven't seen him in forever!!

  2. Aw, I am sorry to hear that your little guy isn't feeling well. I hope he feels better really soon!! You're right, no sleep is NO fun for anyone involved! Thank goodness for coffee!!!


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