Sunday, August 29, 2010


I'm not ashamed to find a great bargain. Hitting the local garage sales (with my mom-in-law and sister-in-law), on Saturday morning is one of my favorite things to do.  We always end with a stroll through the Farmers Market. I haven't got up to hit the sales too often this summer, but when I do, I always find some great stuff. Remember when I found this chair for $1.00 last summer?? Last weekend, I found some rubber boots for Barrett...for $1.00! He currently wears a size 6 /7 shoe, and these were a 10, but I figured he'd grown into them. Little did I know he would become so attached to them. Wanting to wear them ALL the do everything...and go EVERYWHERE! 

{since we started potty training, Barrett's outfit of choice when we are home is nothing but his underwear...sometimes a t-shirt, but usually not}

Barrett's great uses for $1.00 rubber boots:
*Ride my bike. 
I think it helps him reach the pedals better.

*Workout with Mommy. 
I've been doing the Jillian Michaels "30 day Shred" for over a week now, and he is always right by my side exercising! I'll tell him it's time for Mommy's workout, and he'll say "me go get my boots." It's funny to watch him do jumping jacks and sit-ups. When he does push-ups, he kisses the ground each time he goes down :) He'll say "we workin' hard" and "doin' good, Mom." He's quite the little motivator...except when he breaks in the middle of the workout to grab a bit of cereal bar off the kitchen table, or play with his cars. The other day, he ran to my closet and came out in my flip flops for the morning workout. After just a couple minutes, he said "these shoes wobbly," and he quickly changed into his rubber boots.

*Go Shopping.
He wore them out of the house for the first time on Tuesday. We went to JC Penny to use a free $10 coupon, and he demanded to wear them.

*Play Soccer.
He tells us that he can kick better with his boots on. Last night, he was playing soccer with Mimi and said "me go get boots on."

*Run faster.
Of course they make him run faster. Just wait til he gets a new pair of tennis shoes in the Fall. 

*Play in the rain and mud.
I guess he does know what they're really good for! Occasionally he will say "me wear to splash in the rain." One of these days we'll try them out for that! 

We've been blessed with some very cool Fall-like weather the past week. It's getting us VERY much in the Bluegrass mood! We've taken advantage of it with lots of grilling, playing outside, and our first fire in the fire pit since May! I'm looking forward to lots of fires on the back patio this Fall. 

Justin made burgers for us the other night. A little cilantro, red onion, kosher salt and pepper. Not sure what else he put in them, but they were yummy! He doesn't like to admit he's a great cook, because then I might make him to it more often. While he prepared the burgers, Barrett and I played on the patio. It was so nice out, we had all the windows and the back door open. The cool air was wonderful, and we had Free State cranked up. (*on a sad note...Free State is breaking up, and we will MISS jammin' out to their late night shows in the Grove at BG. Bummer!)

Speaking of grilling...we're going to try stuffed mushrooms tonight! Barrett is waking up from nap, so it's off to the store! Happy Sunday! Have a great week!


  1. Its amazing what fun kids will have with the inexpensive things! We could save A Lot of money as parents ;)

    I'm glad Barrett's potty training is going so well. Isn't it wonderful not to have to buy diapers! He is such a cute little guy in his big boy pants! That will make a wonderful picture when he is a senior :-)

  2. Barrett looks so cute in his big boy undies and rubber boots!


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