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Letters to my Little Bear-21st Edition

Dear sweet Little Bear,
On July 18th, you were officially TWO AND A HALF!! We were on our family vacation in Grand Lake, Colorado. I am so proud of my two and a half year old. You is the most handsome little guy I know. I don't know what I ever did before you, and I can't image a single day without your big blue eyes. I look forward to those moments when I pick you up, after being away from you for awhile.  Whether it's only been an hour, or for two days...your eyes light up, and you give me the biggest hugs. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, to know how happy you are to see me. Especially when you pat me on the back and say "you're my boy, mom." I'm not really sure what it means, but I love it!

It seems like every time I sit down to write you a letter, I tell you how loving and affectionate you are, and how I hope that never changes. So far, you're still my sweet little cuddle bug. There are lots of hugs and kisses in this house. We still snuggle on the couch every afternoon, and watch a cartoon together before you go to your bed for nap time. You're happy to share your Biggie with me, and don't mind that I squeeze you tight and kiss your head a hundred times over. I ask you if you're always going to be Mommy's cuddle bug, and you tell me "yes." Although sometimes I think I have baby fever, I can't imagine sharing my attention with another sweetie just yet. This age is too fun, and I'm loving all we get to do together. 

I say it all the time, that this is the most fun age....I guess I'm finding out that they are all the most fun! Every milestone brings something new, and we are loving them all. Right now is fun because you are pretty independent. We have conversations with each other, and I can actually understand everything you say! You can tell me what you want and don't want. You help pick out your clothes. You play contently with your cars for hours. You know the names of all our friends and family, and talk about them a lot. You know our routines, and are very easy-going.

{2-1/2 yr pictures taken at our Cabin in Grand Lake, Co:: July 16, 2010}

After a long day of fishing, you took a bath in that BIG bathtub at the cabin, and we got ready to go to town for dinner. Mommy took a few pictures of you on the front porch before we left. The picture above was the FIRST one I snapped when we got outside! There was NO posing involved! I literally said "go lean against that post there," and this is what you did!!! I could not click the shutter fast enough! After that, it was the same-'ol, same-'ol chase you around trying to snap a few, as usual.

Our typical day....

* You wake up around 8:30 or 9am. Sometimes later! (I think you take after Mommy, liking to sleep-in!) Mommy's been staying up very late for the last several months, since that is my work time. So, I usually just sleep until I hear you calling for me. There is nothing better than waking up to your little voice saying "me wakin' up, Mom."

* We eat breakfast together and play. Your favorite breakfast foods: strawberry cereal bars, waffles, cereal
* We get out of the house for errands and activities in the mornings. During the summer, you participated in Wiggles & Giggles, Storytime, Toddler Art, Sensory Art, Swimming and Playgroup.
* We usually get to eat lunch with Daddy on the days he comes home. You're not a great lunch eater, but you are getting better. You usually tell me you want a sandwich and chips.
* Around 1:30pm, we start our snuggle time and watch a short cartoon before your nap.
* You usually nap from 2-5pm, and Mommy gets lots of work done!
* Most of the time, Daddy is home from work when you wake up. Some days you wake up in a good mood, and hope right out of bed to start playing. Other days you wake up more slowly and cranky. You insist I hold you until you're ready to get down and play.
* In the evenings, Mommy does a lot of photo sessions. You can Daddy get to spend some quality time together. If you see me putting on my shoes or changing clothes, you'll say "going mom? take pictures...tiny baby?" You seem to think all I do is take pictures of tiny babies. It so cute the way you say it though, and you gesture with your hands like you're holding a tiny baby!
* If I'm lucky, Daddy will fix dinner while I'm at my session, and then we eat when I get home. Your favorite foods: pizza, hamburgers, broccoli, onions, corn on the cob, asparagus, tomatoes, any fruit, chips & dip, and tacos.
* It's been super hot this summer, so we haven't played outside much, even in the evenings. But, you do help me water the flowers. You are a great little helper.
* We play together in the family room at night. You like to play tag, cars, football and soccer. We have tickle wars, and lots of dance parties! You point to the computer and tell Daddy to "turn music on." Meaning pull up itunes and play "Livin' is a part of Life" by Eric Church. It's your favorite, and WOW you've got some moves :) Daddy won a flip cam from work, so as soon as we get that, I'm going to have to get some video of your awesome dance parties!
* Our bath and bed routine usually starts around 7:30pm
* The bedtime routine has gotten a little long, but I'm not complaining. We go to your room and "rock and read." I let you pick out three books, and we sit in the rocker together and read them. Then I tuck you into bed and read you one more short book. When that's done, I tell you goodnight, and you say "get Daddy." So I send Daddy in to tell you goodnight. Here's where you've lengthened it....After Daddy tells you goodnight, you ask him to rock you for a minute, then you have him "get Mommy." I go back in for the 2nd time, and you stand up in your bed with Biggie in one hand and Tiny Monkey in the other and say "sing song Jesus, Mommy." How can I ever say no to that?!?! Sure, you're stalling going to bed, but it is my favorite part of the whole day! So I rock you, and sing "Jesus Loves Me." Then as soon as I'm on the last line of that song, you look up and say "sing Wagon Wheel." It is adorable, and what two better songs are there? Then I lay you down and close your door, and we don't hear another peep out of you. That's our routine! It takes about 10-15 minutes, which might be a little long, but it's our routine, and if you're going to keep sleeping as well as you do, I don't mind a bit. 

Some things I've written down over the last month:
Out of Barrett's mouth....

"me workin' berry, berry hard"
"bless you Mama" (every time I sneeze, he tells me this. So sweet)
"Daddy go golfin', Josh" (yes, Daddy does a lot of golfing with Josh)
"Move over little bit, Mama"
"I have surprise"...Then he says "give kiss first"....Then he opens his hands and says "ta-daa"
"that vacuum too loud for me play car-cars, Mom"

AND, my all-time favorite...
I think I was in the bathroom getting ready one morning, and he was playing cars at my feet. He tooted, and then looked up at me and said "no firecracker, BUTT!" and he laughed, like he knew he was making a funny! We both laughed so hard! 

So, happy 2.5, Little Bear!!! I couldn't possibly love you any more! Everyday brings something new and I look forward to hearing your sweet voice every morning. You're my boy!! I love you, Mommy

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  1. Very sweet letter to the little mister. He is a handsome man in those pictures.


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