Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Not so much.

Did we make our appearance at the Cowley County Fair this year? Yep

Did we have a great time at the pig show on Friday morning with our friends? Yep

Did we walk through all the animals, like always? Yep

Did Barrett want to get out of his stroller to get a closer look at said animals? Not so much

Did he maybe want to pet said animals? Not so much

Did Barrett get really excited about going down to the Fair on Sunday night? Yep

Did he talk all day about the "blue race cars" and how he was going to ride them? Yep

Did I buy THREE ride tickets for $9.00, just so he could ride those race cars? Yep

$9.00 later, did he get on the car ride? Yep

Was he in the shiny car long enough for me to snap a picture, and make it look like he rode? Yep

Did he stay in that car for longer than 5 seconds? Not so much

{does he look scared out of his mind here, or is it just me?}

::Friday morning at the Fair::
We met our friends (Audra, Lydia, Caroline, Megan and Norah Kate) at the donut shop on Friday morning, and then headed to the Fair while it was still somewhat cool. We watched a little of the pig show, and then walked around to see all the animals. We were quite the "show" ourselves. Three mamas, and three strollers with four kids! A local photographer even stopped ahead of us and said "I've got to get this." Just great.

I'm glad I could photograph everyone else's children, since mine wasn't interested in getting out of his stroller much :)

Even baby Caroline enjoyed the animals.

::Sunday night at the Fair::

At least Lydia enjoyed the car ride...

Did a blue and orange snow-cone make the whole Fair trip worth it? Yep

See ya next year Cowley County Fair! Maybe then we'll enjoy some rides.

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  1. oh my, he DOES look terrified! That is just too funny! I'm sure it will be a whole different story next year!


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