Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Favorite Things::Late Summer

I planned to do this earlier in the Summer, but you know how that goes! Here are a few of my current favorites things! PLEASE join in, and comment if you're sharing your own favorites on your blog. I would love to come check them out. Always looking for fun new stuff :)

If you'd like to see my {favorite things} from the winter, you can go HERE

{1} Ottoman tray
Found this at Bed, Bath & Beyond this summer, while purchasing some wedding gifts for friends. I'd been looking for something for awhile. We're still enjoying the ottoman in the center of the room, instead of the coffee table. Less for me to dust! So, I wanted something sturdy (and easy to clean) for sitting our drinks, remotes, etc. on. It's heavy plastic, so it's held up to Barrett's abuse for a couple months already.

{2} OPI
When is OPI polish NOT one of my favorite things?!? I just spent the weekend in Manhattan with my girls, and enjoyed a kid-free trip to Target. Of course I had to pick up a new color. It's not quite Fall yet, so I stuck with something bright! This one is: Manicurist of Seville

{3} My new baby
Finally got a new vacuum at the beginning of summer. You might remember Kermit (the old green one) bit the dust several months ago, and I'd been using one of my parents' old vacuums. We gave this one (Dyson Ball) a test drive at Lowe's, before purchasing. It was the most I've ever spent on a vacuum, but well worth it to know that: there will be no future investment in bags, no future investment in replacement filters--they all just wash in the sink, and it came with a 5yr warranty. It's already gotten a lot of use, and I love it. Very lightweight and easy to maneuver. The canister comes off the vacuum, I hold it over the trash, press a button with one finger, and the bottom drops open to dump all the yuck. It's nice to be able to dump that after each use. It's my favorite part :-) She needs a name though! 

{4} Burt's Bees Repellent
My sister-in-law, Kim, got this for me last summer. It's Burt's Bees Herbal Insect Repellent. We've used it a lot this summer, and it smells so good!

{5} Scentsy Warmer this thing! My favorite scent bar is: Coconut Citrus Parfait. I got several different scents, when I bought the warmer (in February, I think), but this one is the only one I've used. Maybe this Fall, I'll try out something else. I also have the car tins in Leather, and love those. 

{6} My flops
I pretty much live in flip flops during the Summer (and most of Spring and Fall too). Last year I found these at Old Navy in brown, and fell in love with them. Super comfy, and not just your regular 'ol flops. My brown ones are getting pretty worn, so I got this pair of gray ones online a few weeks ago.

{7} Cinnamon Sugar Kettlecorn
One of the few reasons I don't mind going to Walmart! I found this popcorn a few weeks ago, when we were shopping for our family vacation groceries. Barrett loves this stuff, and it makes a great afternoon snack! Besides dog food, Walmart found one more way to get me in there...I just went back for bag #2 of this stuff, and noticed they have a couple other flavors.

{8} Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Another Burt's item! I ran out of my Mint Tingle lip balm, so I found this to get me by until Bluegrass.
Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil.

{9} Mountain Spring
Since my pregnancy, I became super sensitive to scents in things like lotions and detergents. I switched to All Free & Clear early in my pregnancy. Then I used homemade detergent from a friend for quite a while. I would love to have kept using that, but the truth is I just don't have the time to make it. So, I finally found a detergent with a light scent, that I can stomach! Tide Mountain Spring.

{10} M&M's
M&M's with pretzels...need I say more?!?!

Off to make dinner and prepare for a photos session in this awesome cooler weather! Who's ready for FALL???


  1. Cinnamon and sugar popcorn. Yum. :)
    We've been looking at a Dyson Ball for a while. My parents and sister got Dyson's last Christmas. I borrow my moms every once in a while because it is SO much better than our stinker. ;)
    Fall can't get here soon enough!

  2. Who's ready for fall? ME ME ME ME ME!! It's a shame it won't be showing its face in the way I WISH it would until about November or December. And even then there won't be falling leaves or dreary day skies or brisk football games.... I was kinda cracking up at myself here!! As I was scanning your faves, my eye IMMEDIATELY went to the popcorn and the M&M'S!! This is the me who is supposed to be losing 15 pounds!! :)

    I LOVE Kettle Corn - ate that very same brand throughout my pregnancy (probably partially to blame for this darn extra weight!!) but I have never seen the Cinnamon and Sugar option! MMM! Pretty sure that AND the M&M's are going to be on my mind until I get them!!

    LOVE the polish too!!
    Thanks for sharing!! :)

  3. Umm, yeah, Bethany...the popcorn and M&M's are NOT on my diet for losing 20lbs. either!! Darn this delicious snack food!

    Jennifer, you're welcome to take our Dyson for a test drive anytime :)

  4. I love the nail polish! :) Its always fun to pick up new colors and you can't forget the pedicures!! :) Love Ansley's pics!! Can't wait for more! I'm officially stalking facebook now! lol

  5. I second the M&Ms with pretzels - they are delicious - the perfect sweet and salty mix in your mouth.

  6. I love commenting on your favorite things posts!

    1) Cute tray! I couldn't live without my tray tables handy, especially when I'm feeding the babe!
    2) My sister left some OPI at my mom's and I may have taken, ahem, I mean borrowed it. It's totally awesome!
    3) I've had my dyson ball almost 4 yrs and I still love using it. Seriously.
    4) We've had Burt's Bee's Bug Repellent for a few years also and I love it. I always freak when I see Eric trying to spray the kids with deet.
    5) I have a scentsy warmer that I'vet yet to get out of the box. Guess I need to do that!
    6) LOVE your flip flops! My favorite are brown leather ones that are about to fall sad!
    7) OH wow! That sounds delish! I do love me some kettle corn and now I'm totally going to be on the hunt for that next time I'm at walmart!
    8) Bert's Bee's Pomegranate lip balm is totally the best ever! I discovered it a few yrs ago and while I like to try new ones, I always return to it as my old stand by.
    9) I really miss getting to use anything with scent on the laundry. K1 and K3's skin just can't handle it.
    10) I think I could eat a whole bag of pretzel M&M's myself. They're awesome and I'm willing to say at least equal to if not better than peanut butter M&Ms.


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