Thursday, December 23, 2010

My biggest SURPRISE ever!

So, the Vegas trip started in...September!

After my parents went for their anniversary in August, and told me about the great flight/hotel deals through Allegiant, I started planning! I had one of Justin's co-workers/friends give my cell number to his boss, so he could call me. I waited a couple weeks, and then he finally called...on the week Justin was off for Bluegrass. Thank goodness we were in Wichita that day (when we went to the zoo). I was in Old Navy shopping, while Justin stayed in the car with sleeping Barrett. Not sure what I would have done if his boss had called while Justin was sitting right next to me in the car! Jeesh! Anyway, he was happy to help me pull it off, so we started emailing back and forth with dates, and finalizing plans. After he gave me the "okay," I booked the trip.

Then, from late September, up until the trip...I told almost everyone I knew :) The only way I could keep a surprise this big from him, for that long, was to tell everyone else! My plan with his boss was for him to work 1/2 a day on Monday. He was going to schedule him in Winfield, so he would come home for lunch. At lunch, I was going to have Barrett take him his lunch plate with a note on it. Something like "you don't have to go back to work...pack your bags, we're leaving for Vegas." BUT, the week before the trip, his boss emailed to tell me Justin was trying to take off the whole day that Monday (December 13th), and he wanted to know what he should tell him. WHAT?!? I didn't know anything about that! Turkey! So, I ended up telling him the big birthday surprise earlier than planned. Barrett helped me with it on Saturday morning. 
Barrett and I were up before him that day, so I put together an envelope for Barrett to give to him. On the outside it said: "Mommy told me you don't have to go to work on Monday...but guess what? You don't have to go to work ALL WEEK! Wanna know why? ------->open

You and Mommy are going to VEGAS!!!
Go pack your bags!

He was in took awhile for it to sink in. He couldn't believe I'd been talking to his boss for months, and worked it all out for him to be off work! It was FUN! I'm so glad that I told him earlier than planned too. I really needed the extra days of help from him to get packed. Otherwise I would have been totally stressed, and he wouldn't have understood why! I was already super stressed the week before, trying to wrap-up all my client sessions and orders.

We left for the airport on Monday evening. My parents took us, so that Barrett could ride along and tell us goodbye. Then he went back to stay the night with them. (The next two nights, he stayed with his Mimi). Our flight was supposed to leave at 7:30pm, but we found out when we got there at 6, that it was DELAYED...until 11:30pm! Ugh! We went to dinner with my parents, and then they dropped ups back at the airport around 8pm. It was a L-O-N-G night in the Wichita airport. The bar closed at 9pm, and there was not much else to do. Finally, we were on our way.

We got to Vegas at 11:30pm (1:30am Winfield time). Our room was beautiful, so I couldn't help snapping a few pics. Then we headed out for a little exploration of our hotel, and a bite to eat!

We decided to call it a night pretty early...2am (4am Winfield time).
My hubby hates when I do that "Winfield time" thing =)
We didn't want to be dragging the next day.

{Tuesday} Our first full day in Vegas

woke up to this view...

We were already missing our boy terribly!
I changed my cell phone wallpaper from a pic of Justin and I to this...

And then I looked at it about every. single. minute.

That night, we would have our FIRST ride on THIS...
The New York New York Coaster!

Fountain inside the Planet Hollywood Casino shops
We stayed here in October 2002, on our honeymoon. Only at that time, it was The Aladdin Casino.

It was just outside the theater where we saw V the Show that night. We loved it!
We were comped two dinners at the Spice Market buffet there, and the show tickets.
I won't tell you what we had to do to get the comps...suckers :)

One of my favorite things about Vegas! The fountains at Bellagio.


After tons of walking the day before, our feet were a little sore as we started out Wednesday morning.
My shoulder was also sore from carrying my SLR in my purse the whole day on Tuesday!
That thing is HEAVY! So I traded it for my parent's point-and-shoot! Much lighter!
The pool at our hotel was amazing! We walked around just to check it out. It was a little too chilly for me to do any swimming! The people at the bar were the only ones we saw there. I can imagine this place is totally happenin' in the Summer though! They have an awesome beach area, where they have concerts on the water, and a wave pool! We need to go back again in a warmer month!

The beach...

 Picture fun in the elevator.
We need to get better at this...I cut off most of Justin's head, and he was squishing my eye!

waiting for the tram at Luxor to take us to Excalibur and the strip.
We got a bus ticket this day...all that walking before was over-rated!

Rode the bus all the way down to Venetian.
Blue Man Group!
(Bummer...they were made of wax!)

Yummo apples we found in the canal shops.
We didn't have any though. They looked impossible to eat!

All of the casinos were decked out for Christmas! It was so beautiful!
I've never seen so many Christmas trees in all my life!
There are probably 50,000 lit trees on the Vegas strip right now!

The Wynn. New since I was there last. Breathtaking water wall!

This (Gems) was the ONLY game we won on the whole trip. We play it at the Oklahoma casinos, so we decided to give it a whirl in Vegas.
I was up to $189 on one at Caesar's, and ended up cashing out at $100.
That was the first and last time we won anything. Boo!

The highlight of Wednesday night was going to the opening of Vegas' newest casino, Cosmopolitan! It opened at 8pm on December 15th. We were there at about 8:20. Two words: MASS CHAOS! It was a neat casino though. We stayed long enough to walk a loop around the casino, in a stream of people, and use the restroom. Then we were outta there!

We went to see the volcano erupt at Mirage!
Us and about 100 Chinese tourists. They are so fun to watch. You think I'm camera happy!

Went for a nighttime show at the Bellagio fountains, and saw Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Made our way back to New York New York for round TWO on the roller coaster!
The rides were $14.00 each!
Yes...that means we spent $56.00 on roller coaster rides in a 24-hour period!

I think I got more out of my money there than on the slots =)

They were supposed to email us some pictures from our ride, but I haven't got them yet.
Just got the they are!

Too funny!!

::Coaster Video::

Jelly bean Lady Liberty!

Tree in our hotel lobby

We ate breakfast at the same restaurant in our hotel all three mornings.
After breakfast on Thursday, we packed up and checked-out.
Pulled the slots one last time, then caught our shuttle to the airport!

I was sad to leave Vegas, but ready to get home to our little man!!
Word from home was that he was missin' us. We were missin' him too!

I was so happy to see him waiting for us when we got to the airport in Wichita!
I got a big hug around the was the perfect ending to a great vacation!

Can't wait to go back...


  1. Great pics...looks like such a FUN trip. What a fun surprise for J :)

  2. WOW Looks like you guys had a great time! What a good wife you are for planning such a fun surprise! Glad you got to enjoy his "present" also!


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