Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Introducing Cal

At the beginning of December, we had a {meet the baby} shower for my friend, Megan.

As always, it was a very well coordinated bfe event.
I was excited to design the invites.
My mom was gracious to let us have it at her house.
Christie was master cupcake baker. 
Audra and Amber addressed the invites, and searched out the perfect paper goods.

Yeah, your mouth is watering, huh?!?
The chocolate were my favorite. They had Cherry in the center, and a chocolate covered cherry on top!
I think the other ones had cookie dough in the center.

After we got all set up, the guest of honor arrived...
(I'm so glad he's getting use of out one of Barrett's hats! I loved this little hat. I think it was from my friend, Bethany.)

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