Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rejoice Tag {free download}

I was up til 3am last night, creating some DIY gifts!
I've really been enjoying my work-free nights...
Lots of reality tv watching, while I wrap, craft and bake!

Every year the week before Christmas, I do a {5 days of Christmas} gift exchange with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law. This year's exchange started on Monday, and we're already having so much fun. We do little gifts everyday--hand-picked or hand-made goodies! Last night I made Puppy Chow, and then created these tags for the tops of the zip-lock bags I used.

If you're needing a quick last-minute gift...yummy holiday treats are always a good option!
You can fill your bag with any treat you'd like, and then attach this to the top, and deliver.
I used 1 quart zip-lock bags. The tag is sized at 8-1/2" across, to fit that size of bag.

*Download the above file. Open link, and scroll to orange "download" button at bottom of page.
It will save to your computer as a jpeg image
*insert the image into a blank word or publisher document (page set-up as "landscape")
*print on cardstock, cut & attach

Enjoy~Merry Christmas!

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  1. YAY!! Thanks for the tag - I am using it NOW! Made some chex mix and seasoned oyster crackers and this is perfect to deliver to some neighbors! But now what you need to do is to a little tutorial on how you did it. I know it was probably easy. But every time I get on photoshop to create the simplest thing I get so frustrated and it takes me hours :-(

    Merry Christmas!


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