Saturday, December 11, 2010


Our 2010 Thanksgiving was full of family, food, and a little birthday celebration!

We spent Thanksgiving day in El Dorado with my Aunt Clara and her family. We were so happy to have Mamo there with us, but missed having Uncle Rick and Aunt Deb with their clan, and both of my brothers. Holidays just aren't the same now that we've all grow-up, got married and started our own families. We're spread out around Kansas and Nebraska now, and it's just not as easy to have everyone together all the time. I'm not sure I'll ever get used to that.

Barrett enjoyed some "wine"...

On Friday, Justin had to work, so Barrett and I hung out at home. I had a little work of my own to do. That afternoon, Brian, Sarah and the girls got here. Barrett had fun playing with his cousins. We had dinner at mom's that evening and celebrated my birthday! Loved all the help I had with my candles!!

On Saturday (also my 31st birthday), we had our Thanksgiving with Justin's family! Justin's brother was in town, so we spent most of the day at his parent's hanging out with everyone. Kim, Kylie and I crafted...making adorable and easy messy flower headbands and pins. Emily and Barrett played Wii, and Jeff and Justin played football.

Kylie modeling one of my favorites. It was cute on her, so I let her have it :)

That was our Thanksgiving...
and now I am 31!!

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  1. ok....i love love love the headbands! i want to make some now too! you have inspired a new craft in me! :) now if i only had time to put them together! maybe after the holidays!


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