Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Simple as that...
my little man is THREE today!

Just typing those words makes me want to burst into tears.

He really gets the whole "birthday" thing this year.
So we've been celebrating for the past few days, and talking about his cake and his party.

Tonight, after his bath, we snapped a few monkey shots.
The last time we did it, he was two...and now, he's three!

Happy Birthday, my dear sweet boy!
I can't even believe that three years ago at this time (writing this at 2am), I was trying to sleep in a hospital bed, anticipating your arrival the next day. The day that I would become a mom, and fall so deeply in love with you. A love that I never even imagined could exist. That day was amazing, but every day since then has only gotten better. You are such a sweet and mellow (most of the time) little man. I love being able to stay home with you every day. I hope you have a very special third birthday! I love you so very much, Mommy

And as a reward for sitting still during my "monkey shots"...
I let you JUMP on my bed!

Like I said...We've been celebrating for a few days.
On Sunday, we took Barrett to Wichita for a "special day."

We all had our first experience at Build-A-Bear!
It was fun, and Barrett picked out an adorable puppy!
 {filling up his puppy}

{warming up his puppy's heart}

{putting the heart in his puppy}

{yep, he LOVES him}

{bath time}

After the puppy's bath, we looked at the clothes.
Barrett like the basketball uniform, mostly because it came with a ball, and a skateboarding shirt.
We might have persuaded him to get a little Nebraska shirt instead :)

 We rode the rocket ship at the mall, and then headed to Red Robin for lunch!
I think this (Red Robin, not the rocket ship) was a first for Barrett too!

After Red Robin, we did a little bit of shopping for his birthday party supplies,  then headed to Target so he could pick out a toy. He'd been telling us he wanted a dinosaur ALL day, but once we got to the toy isle, he found plenty of other things he'd rather have. Justin and I were very entertained by the cute Dinosaur Train interactive dinos, but Barrett insisted he didn't want a dinosaur anymore, and that he wanted a Buzz Lightyear toy.  Eesh! (I hope he still likes the dino party I have planned for this weekend)

So, we loaded up with the new (LOUD) Buzz toy, and headed home.
Stopping for ice cream at DQ on the way. One of Barrett's favorite things! He's definitely our child!!

Once the ice cream was gone, this was the scene in the back seat!
I think he enjoyed his special day!


  1. I can't believe it! Already 3?! Hold on tight, Momma!!

  2. Happy Birthday B! Enjoy every moment...my little guy turned 11 yesterday. EEK!

  3. Happy Birthday my sweet little man. You will forever be special to me. I love you so much.

  4. Oh no!! That means we have a little over a month! SO hard to believe. Looks like you guys had such a fun day - he is so adorable with his puppy! I'm sure he's going to LOVE the dinosaur party - can't wait to see details! I think our hands our tied - a KState party it will be for us. That is the ONLY option he has been in agreement over for months.

  5. Happy Birthday Barrett!!! I can't believe it's been 3 years! You are such a fantastic momma and I've had fun watching him grow up on your blog!

    You're really got me close to tears here too since we'll be celebrating our last 1st bday in less than a month!

    It was great seeing you guys at Walmart the other day!

    I hope the big party is fabulous!

  6. Happy birthday to your little man! The time DOES go too fast! I still can't believe I have a one-year-old. How did that happen??!

  7. Hey Laura! I've been a blog hermit so I haven't been in touch but I've missedyour blog and hope Barrett has the BEST birthday! I love Dinosaur Train. The theme song is so cute. I watch it with Roslynne. Have fun!!!

  8. Looks like Barrett had a great birthday. I get the tearing up thing - love seeing them grow up as each stage seems to get more and more fun, but it's also kind of sad seeing them grow so quickly. Can't wait to see photos of his party. :)

  9. He is such a super cute little guy! Looks like he had a lot of fun. Shocking but he can be in Pre-School next year!?!! Yikes I know...I feel the same way :-)

  10. LOVE them all! Its so nice to come across your blog! Blessings Cat


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