Monday, January 31, 2011

Barrett's DINOSAUR party::Part II

The rest of Barrett's party pictures....
The party was small this year, since many of Barrett's guests were sick.

One of Barrett's littlest friends, Cal, came dressed for the party!!

Packers undies from Megan, Brent, Norah Kate & Cal
They were our good luck charm the day after the party, when the Packers beat the Bears to go to the Super Bowl.
I think he'll be wearing them this on Sunday too!!

After lunch and presents, it was cake time!!

Barrett blew out his candle, then after admiring Daddy's dinosaur one last time, he did this....

He is a funny little man!!
After a few bites from the head, he went for one of Mr. T-Rex's tiny arms.

After the guests left, we did our traditional pose with all the gifts.

Within 10 minutes of getting home....

I think he had a great birthday party!
Thanks to everyone that came. We missed those of you that were sick.
Barrett is one loved little boy!!!


  1. What a GREAT day. Great pics...tell Justin GREAT WORK on that dinosaur! Wow...very impressive.

  2. SO cute Laura!! I can't get over how B looks exactly like Justin!

  3. I know a Gymboree box when I see one! LOL

    Call is such a cute cute cute little man!!

    Looks like it was a fabulous party and I love the picture of him passed out once you were home!


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