Monday, January 10, 2011

Big boy room

We started off the new year, with a new room for Barrett!
Well, that was after Barrett and I got over our spell of the Flu! Not fun!

I knew it was time to make this transition, but I'd kinda been putting it off.
Not because I didn't think Barrett was ready. 
But because I wasn't sure if I was ready.

So, on January 1st, he had his last night in his crib.

After Barrett got up on January 2nd, we started taking down the crib.
I deep cleaned the whole room, and re-arranged to get ready for the new bed.

I had planned to buy this dinosaur bedding from Pottery Barn Kids. But just before I went to order it, some adorable bedding (and decor for the WHOLE room) fell into our laps! My friend Heidi's mom was re-doing a room, and wanted to get rid of her bear bedding set.  It worked out perfectly! She'd had twin bunk beds where it was used, so we ended up with TWO bed spreads and two sheet sets. Plus throw pillows, shams, wall hanging, clock, lamp and stuffed bear pillows!! AND, it went with the current wall colors, so we didn't have to paint!

After we got the new bed in, I couldn't wait to get everything all put together.
Justin hung some of the stuff on the wall, moved the moose, and I changed out the pictures in this frame.

That afternoon, Barrett slept in his bed for the first time!

Then, that night, we tucked him in for his first night's sleep in his new bed!

Then I stood in the hall and tried not to cry.
Justin made fun of me =) I told him I couldn't help it!
I just kept thinking...we put that crib up the November before he was even born, and now it's gone.
It's official...he is a big boy (almost three), and the years are flying by.

I was hesitant to make this switch for a few reasons...
He's was such an amazing sleeper in his crib, I was afraid the new bed might change that.
And I didn't want the feel of his cozy little room to change.

Well, neither of those things changed. He has done AMAZING in his new bed. I don't know why I ever worried.  He goes right to sleep every night, and for naps. He even waits for me to come in in the mornings before he gets out!! He'll call out, "Mommy, me ready to get up out of my bed now." It's just adorable! I am so proud of him! He still sleeps the same 12 hours at night, and naps are still 3+ hours.  At night, I tuck him in and read stories with him, then Daddy comes in to read with him. I love being able to snuggle up in bed while we read (although I do miss the rocker too). It's been a great transition.

The room is just as cozy as it was before.
Still my favorite room in the house, and I will miss it one of these days!
{See the room before....Barrett's room::March 2010}
We love your new room, and your big boy bed, Barrett!!


  1. The years do fly by... Barrett is a lucky little boy.

  2. I still can't believe what an incredible sleeper he is! I wish I could sleep like that :)

  3. Adorable room!! Love the bear theme.

  4. So sweet!!!! It's hard to take that crib down...I still have ours in the more children for us, but still can't part with it yet!!! Or ever!!! Love the bedding!!!

  5. New redo looks great and what a blessing to get such cute bedding in the nick of time!

  6. How great that you were able to get all that bedding! And the room looks great! Transitioning to the big girl bed was tough on me too. The difference between them being just 2 and nearly 3 is HUGE. JUST HUGE! They're little people now and not babies anymore.


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