Thursday, May 1, 2008

THREE on Thursday!!

I graduated from Kansas State University in May 2002 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. All through high school I knew I wanted to be a designer and I loved the program at K-State, despite the countless "all-nighters" I had to pull to finish projects. After graduation I worked in Wichita for a couple years as a Project Designer at an office furniture company.

I met my husband, Justin, when I was 15 and he was 14! I worked at my parents Mini-Golf with my friend, Amber during the summer of 1995. Since he was too young to drive, Justin would ride his bike into town to see me while I was at work. It was that summer that Amber gave him the nickname 'Boy Wonder'. It was actually my youth director from church, Bill, that gave Justin my phone number! We were in the church van in the Dairy Queen drive-thru. Justin was in the DQ parking lot on his bike, so Bill called him over to tell him a girl in the van had a crush on him and here is her phone number!! The rest is history!

I gave up drinking pop in 1999. I decided to give up pop for Lent my freshman Spring in college. After that, I started drinking ice tea. I will have an occasional sprite, but other than that, I haven't had dark soda in over 9 years! AND after 9 years of drinking tea, being pregnant made me totally lose my desire for now I pretty much only drink water, and treat myself to cranberry limeades at Sonic!!

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  1. We {LOVE} anything cranberry from Sonic!! In fact, the kids and I just got cranberry slushes from there a couple of hours ago!! ( mine was cranberry-grape and theirs were just cranberry!!)

    And another note...I do struggle with coming up with six different things to write on Saturday's! Sometimes it is a stretch! How do people do Ten on Tuesday?!! YIKES!


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