Friday, November 30, 2012

26 weeks

Holy moly I look huge!!!
I have been feeling huge too. I guess that explains why when people ask me my due date, and I say "February 16th."...they look at me funny and say "oooohhhh." I remember feeling really swollen and huge the last couple months with Barrett too. I miss my cute little 20 week baby belly.  I am certainly past the feeling cute part, but oh well.  Just gonna enjoy the rest of the pregnancy, as it's likely (99% sure) my last =)

My friend, Monica, had her baby!!!
I did her maternity pictures on Monday, November 5th at 9:30am. 
AND by that evening she was in the hospital in labor! By 9:30am on the 6th, I was holding the little guy!!
Meet Liam...

Barrett and I went to vote on November 6th.
Later that night as we watched poll coverage, I was reminded of this picture from November 2008...

On November 10th we went to Coffeyville to celebrate Mamo's 80th birthday!
It was a beautiful reception with all her family and friends.

 After the reception we all went out to dinner!
Mamo got to wear the sombrero and they sang to her :)

Barrett loves to put his hand on my belly and feel the baby :)

A cozy fire, and a bowl of peach cobbler and ice cream :)

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  1. You look Great!
    Love that fire...I would love to have one going, but have gotten out of the mood this last weekend with temps in the 60's! ha ha


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