Monday, January 7, 2013

32 weeks
It's getting closer and we are soooo not ready! With Barrett, we had the nursery ready in October or November (2-3 months before he was due). With #2, we still have a very unfinished nursery! This is not so much to my liking! I have been ready to paint, decorate and organize for awhile. Unfortunately the 3 layers of wallpaper we had to scape in their ruined the walls, so we are having them textured. That is being done by one of Justin's friends, so we're waiting for it to work with his schedule. Once that is done, we will have to get busy with the rest! 

Other than stressing over all there is to do...nursery, naming the poor child, cleaning up all the baby furniture and gadgets, installing the carseat, packing the hospital bag, etc. ....I'm just trying to enjoy the end of this pregnancy. It's certainly not been as easy or fun as my first. I remember thinking with Barrett (as I was 40+ weeks) that I could be pregnant forever. I was sleeping great, feeling great, etc. NOPE, not this time. I feel like I complain all.the.time. Just achey, I feel HUGE, and I'm not sleeping at all. Lately I have starting waking up with completely numb hands and legs. Not fun. 

Justin turned 32 on December 20th...I surprised him with a trip to Wichita for shopping and we stayed the night in a hotel. It was a nice little getaway, and we got some Christmas shopping done too! Barrett stayed with Gigi and Papa. 

And now the random iphone pics from weeks 32-34

{Christmas at Aunt Deb & Uncle Rick's}

Barrett & Lainey

Barrett & Jones

Playing Angry Birds with Aunt Clara, Jones, Trig & Birney

Jake teaching Barrett some tricks :)

Lauren, Jones, Barrett and Lainey

First time without training wheels

It snowed for Daddy's birthday--Dec. 20th
Just a trace...

Daddy having fun with Barrett's new Lincoln Logs

I've collected all this stuff to make my own baby mobile.
Got it all out, but then didn't know where to start! It's still not done :( 

{33 weeks}

sold our jeep and got a new car--bye bye jeep!

PACKERS game day!

new ride...we LOVE it!! Will not miss the Commander one bit :)
2nd row bucket seats are amazing! AND just plain 'ol more room for adding another baby!

{Isle of Lights}
We made cocoa and took one last trip through the Isle of Lights before they took them down for 2012!

B got a new headlamp from Uncle Jeff for Christmas...
he wears it all the time!!

New Years Eve
{33 weeks, 3 days}

All the kiddos eating at Megan & Brent's annual New Years Eve party!
Not quite as wild as it used to be, especially this year...
6 kids, 3 pregnant mamas, and we all were headed home by 9:30/10!
Crazy to think next year there will be three more kids added! Maybe it will be a kid-free party year?!?!

{Dr's appointment-January 2nd}
My midwife was a little concerned that baby's heartbeat was low when she first found it on the doppler.
So they hooked me up to monitor for 20 minutes. I was totally uncomfortable and a little worried, but all checked out just perfect! Little stinker :)

Enjoying some sunshine in his new Gator from Santa
(Christmas pictures to come one day)

Hubby made me do some shooting over Christmas break :)

We cheered on our WILDCATS at the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl!
Sad loss, but it was fun to watch, and we enjoyed some yummy treats!!
(mini heath trifles, taco cups, all day crock pot mac'n'cheese & tostitos chips and salsa of course!)


  1. You look great and you are always dressed so cutely in your maternity wear. :-) #2 will be here before you know it! I know what you mean about the 2nd - we were way behind in getting ready for Finley so when he arrived 3 weeks early I found myself running around at 3:30 am trying to pack a bag and find a place to bring Gabe (we hadn't even discussed this with family yet!). I hope your little guy arrives right on time. :)

  2. Where are you and your hubby from? I'm from Winfield, KS (But we are KU fans and alumni) I recognized the Isle of Lights! My blog is A Perfectly Crazy Life Email me at!


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