Monday, January 7, 2013

Favorite Things Party 2012

Finally getting around to sharing some photos from my 1st {Favorite Things} party!
I had seen this idea all over Pinterest, and had been looking forward to hosting one for awhile.
I thought the start of the holiday season was a great time to do it, and we all had so much fun!!

{the invites}
Of course they had to be delivered in "brown paper packages (envelopes), tied up with string"

THANKS to all the great girls that came, brought awesome fave things, and made it a blast!

{hot cocoa bar}
crock pot of cocoa and option to "spike" it was in the kitchen
Toppings were on the buffet in the dining room...
big marshmallows, peppermint marshmallows, candy cane stir sticks, white chocolate chips, m&m's,
peppermint hershey kisses, red oreos

{cranberry apple spritzer}
1 jug cranberry juice
1 jug apple juice
ginger ale or sprite
fresh cranberries

Also served some of MY favorite foods:
These Ginger Snap cookies from my favorite local coffeeshop, College Hill Coffee

Veggie tray
AND Audra brought another favorite, dip 'n' bread

The guests arrived and wrote their name on SIX slips of paper...
They put FIVE into the large trifle bowl, and ONE into the brown bag (for the swag bag drawing)

I made everyone their own GOODY BAG to put all their new treasures in during the exchange!

I went around the room and had everyone draw FIVE names out of the bowl
(making sure they didn't get their own name, or the same name twice)
This being my first time trying this, I was nervous it wouldn't work out evenly, but it did!!!
I had invited 16 ladies, and we had 15 there.

Some of the exchanging and fun favorite things....

{Audra sewed adorable little kleenex holders for your purse}

{Megan brought head massagers}

{Kelsey brought homemade lemon sugar scrub}

{Amy brought lipgloss from Bath and Body works--I got this and LOVE it}

{Leah brought gift cards to College Hill Coffee....yay!!}

{Cassie brought Barefoot wine--great idea!!}

I guess we did have 16 ladies there....Miss Amelia, only a couple weeks old joined us!
Her twin brother, Nolan, stayed home with daddy and big Brother :) 
We were all more than happy to pass her around!

I'll do better at taking pics of all the ladies next time!
Here are a few we got with my phone at the end of the party....

{swag bag}
Cassie won the swag bag drawing...just some more of my own fave things:
I love writing with fine sharpies
a little notebook, nude polish, sanitizer for your purse, and Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy

Everyone took home these bags of cinnamon-sugar pretzels
I got the recipe here

Here is the loot I got!!!
Ghiradelli Peppermint Bark-from Jenny
Lemon Sugar Scrub-from Kelsey
Favorite Hot Cocoa in cute jar-from Kim
Mentha lipgloss-from Amy
Adorable chevron bags-from Sara


Hope to do this again next year!
What a fun evening!! Thanks again ladies for all the awesome stuff!

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  1. Your party was very fun. I got one of the head massagers and we all just love it. Fun times.


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