Thursday, January 17, 2013

34 weeks

Baby is growing, and I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. Ready for the little guy to get here!! Washed all of the baby clothes, and am ready to put them in the nursery closet and dresser as soon as it's painted. Progress IS happening there. Texture will go up this weekend, and then everything else will be done soon after. Right now the clean baby clothes are spread all over the dining room table in folded piles, so I'm going to have to move them somewhere! We have Barrett's 5th birthday parties this coming weekend! 

Took a day trip to Oklahoma City to a shooting range/gun store Justin needed to go to. Wasn't really my idea of a good time, but we went to dinner while there AND made a final decision on baby brother's name!! Glad to finally have that crossed off the list, and we both really love the name! Not sure when we will reveal it to everyone :) Maybe once the nursery is done. I'm trying to figure out some wall art to display his name!

I don't usually take pics of my food at restaurants, but this chicken enchilada I got at Charleston's in OKC was so pretty and SO yummy! I've been craving another one ever since! 

We were completely saddened by the unexpected news that Justin's grandpa, Papa Reed, had passed away on January 8th. What a sweet, sweet man he was. He loved his family so much, and we will miss him dearly. Happy we had him here for Thanksgiving dinner, and had seen him at Christmas. He and Barrett shared a love of Hot Wheels, and he always gave Barrett a handful of cars every time he saw him. Grandma Sandy had just taken Barrett out there a few days before Papa's passing, so we are thankful Barrett got to see him then, and of course came home with some cars. 

{Justin & I with Papa at the Gender party}

More iphone pics from weeks 34-35...

I was so sad to take down my Christmas decor, but I finally did it the first weekend in January.
I don't know why that depresses me so much each year. This year was even harder, because Barrett was so sad to have to take it down too. My favorite thing was the tree and garland on the stairway. It was just so darn cozy. BUT I am very happy with the new arrangement we put in the entry. We moved this table up from the basement. I got it at a sale last year from the Junk Generation folks :)

Mr. B playing on the hand on my belly. 

Craving lots of veggies still a good salad!

Started washing baby clothes!! They're all folded on the dining room table, so every time I walk by I have to smell one of the sleepers....ahhhh!!!

He loved helping me go through the baby clothes. Every time we'd pull something else out of the box, he say "awe, it's so tiny and cute."

Barrett and Kylie playing checkers at Grandma's

Spent a lot of time on the couch lately. Barrett came home from school sick one day. Never had any flu-like symptoms, just a fever off and on for a few days. 

He LOVES the dr. kit that Mimi made him for Christmas!
Here he is writing up a prescription for me :)

These are from New Year's Eve...I just found them, and forgot to include them in the NYE post.

Some of my girlfriends say I've dropped....
I'm not sure???

I was in major NESTING mode last weekend.
Since the nursery is in disarray and I couldn't do anything in there, I decided to deep clean our room, and get the new baby bassinet set up! This is the one I found at a consignment sale last Fall. I washed up everything and found the perfect spot. So excited to have the rocker and ottoman right by my side of the bed, and now the cozy little bed. Ready for all those middle of the night feedings :) well....ready or not!

Gigi got this for baby brother at Christmas. Those socks are sooo tiny!!

random food pics...We had my favorite {breakfast for dinner} the other night.
Breakfast casserole and french toast!

Mamo sent home this can of popcorn with Gigi for Barrett.
He LOVES it! He and I did some major damage to it the first night we had it :)
We were both fighting over the caramel though!

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  1. your pictures look so lovely and christmasy. lovely.


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