Sunday, November 2, 2008

weekend wedding

This past weekend we went to a wedding in Manhattan, Kansas. Our friends Nick & Sarah were married. They are the sweetest, most beautiful couple. The weather was gorgeous for a Fall wedding, and everything from the ceremony to the reception was perfect.

This was our first time away from Barrett. During Bluegrass in September, he spent three nights with grandparents, but we were only a few minutes away. This was the first time leaving town. He stayed with Justin's parents and Grandma Sandy said he was a "little angel." Leaving him on Saturday morning was of course harder for us. He just smiled and waved to us from Grandma's arms. It was hard to be away from him and we missed him terribly, but we had fun. It's nice to get away every once in a while. Parent's need some time for adult activities and conversation.

We drove up to the wedding with our good friends, Luke and Jennifer. We wanted to get there a few hours before the wedding, so we had time to change. We stayed at the Hampton in Manhattan, a very nice hotel. If you don't already know this about me, I LOVE staying in hotels. I love walking in and checking everything out...especially the bathroom. This one had a really nice bathroom with a long granite vanity. It was such a nice treat to walk in and find a gift bag sitting on our bed from Nick and Sarah.

The church was so beautiful. The stained glass windows were shades of yellow and gold and had a vine design on them. The wedding was at 4:00 in the afternoon, so the sun was hitting them just perfectly. After the ceremony, we waited in the courtyard to blow bubbles at the couple.

Then watched them get into this car and drive off to the reception.

This is the courthouse on Poyntz Avenue.
I thought the tree was beautiful, and I love all the old buildings in Manhattan.

The reception was at the Wareham Opera House
This is a beautiful historic building. Formerly the Wareham theater, it's been restored and is now used for wedding receptions. The reception was amazing. This was certainly one of the nicest weddings we've been to in a while. No expense was spared, and the guests were pampered! Entering the foyer of the reception, there was a candy bar!! How fun!

I loved this ice sculpture...especially when I found out you could set your martini glass underneath it and a delicious pink treat would trickle down through it and into your cup! The bride's father said he worked for months to develop the perfect recipe for this pink drink. I'm not sure what all was in in besides pomegranate juice and vodka, but it was pretty good. There was an open bar for the entire night, so we had fun :)

There was no shortage of food either. They had an appetizer bar with fruit, chips, black bean salsa and cheeses. Then dinner was prime rib!

And of course the wedding cake was delicious! This is the women's bathroom.
Don't worry...nobody was in there when I was taking the picture.
It was just so nice and big.

This is the only picture we got of us

Justin with two of his best friends, Luke and Josh

Last dance....Congrats Nick and Sarah!
Everything was perfect and we had so much fun!


  1. So this was a fun little post to read since I actually know all these people!! (Hi Jen if you are reading this!!) How fun is that?!!

    It sounds like this wedding was OVER THE TOP!! WOW! It was certainly beautiful and what a cute couple!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. WOW! What a amazing wedding! I woould have really done myself in at the candy bar and open bar. How did you feel on Sunday morning, Laura? :-)

    Congrats to you and your beautiful bride, Nick!

  3. We had sooo much fun! Glad we could spend the weekend with you guys! :) The wedding was beautiful! You're pictures look GREAT! :) Jennifer

  4. Very gorgeous wedding. Loved the 'getaway' car and that ice sculpture was AMAZING. I'm sure you were glad to get away for the weekend but even happier to see Barrett when you returned. :)


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