Friday, August 21, 2009

{get REAL} Out to Dinner

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This week :: Your favorite place to go to dinner

My current favorite place to go out to dinner is a little Mexican restaurant here in town, El Maguey's. You'll hear it pronounced all sorts of ways. I usually just call it EM's. It's been open for several years now, but we really started liking...ehem, became addicted to it, right before Barrett was born. It's a great place for dinner with the family, or to meet up with friends for a margarita! Lately, we've enjoyed picking up dinner and bringing it home.

So, you want the {REAL} story about this picture? On Thursday morning, I gave myself a "mental note" to swing by and get a picture of EM's for my blog post, so I could get it up Friday morning, and everyone could join in the fun. Didn't happen. So, this morning at 8:20 am, I told Barrett we were going for a little ride. We did a quick drive-by, Mommy got the shot, and we headed back home. That's why the parking lot is one eats Mexican during the 8am hour! AND that's why the sun is glaring into my lens. HA! Good thing we only live a few blocks from the joint!

Okay, I hope some of you will join in this week! Even if you DON'T have a picture or can't get out to take one, you can still link up and post about where your favorite dinner spot is! OR, just leave a comment about your favorite spot and you can play next time!

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  1. We like that place too... I can't pronounce it either. Guess everyone is too busy right now to tell ya where they like to eat!

  2. LAURA!!! This sounds sooo good right now! :) :) :)


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