Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Mom and I made a trip up to El Dorado last week to visit my Aunt Clara and her boys. She had been on a major cleaning streak, and was ready to hand down some of the boys' stuff. Gannon, her youngest, said he was "giving his toys to baby Barrett." He called them his "baby toys." It's great to get hand-me-downs! As soon as my aunt found out I was pregnant, she started giving me things...car seats, bassinets, pack-n-plays, potty chairs and clothes.

We came home last week with the back of the jeep {jam packed} full of brightly colored plastic toys! Mom and I joked that there was hardly room for for the two of us and Barrett. Because of all the rain last week, I had to wait a couple days to get it all unloaded, sorted through and cleaned up. Barrett has had a blast with everything since!

His favorite thing is certainly the little red and yellow "car car" that he drives all over the back driveway! He has developed a major obsession for this thing, and always demands that he have keys when he's in it! He's too funny!!!

Another treat was this big plastic toy box that used to be my little brothers. I remember putting toys in and out of this thing with Brandon, like it was yesterday! It is perfect to keep under the carport for all of Barrett's little outside cars. He's already got the hang of pulling the lid off and pulling things out. He's great at picking up too!

Since acquiring all of these fun new outdoor toys, we've been spending a lot of time on the back patio. The weather has been perfect for it too! Here was my set up the other morning, so I could work and have the perfect view of Mr. B zoomin' around!

Thanks for all of the hand-me-downs, Aunt Clara...and Garrett, Tanner and Gannon, too! Barrett is loving it all!

p.s. I know some of these pictures are blurry, but this is not my photo blog :) it's my family scrapbook, and life is too short to edit all of my day-to-day pictures. They are what they are {real}, and I love 'em that way! Happy Tuesday!


  1. yes it does seem that every time we are riding bikes we have to stop and watch Barrett ride in his "car, car." He is so cute zooming around, I love to watch the girls push him and he holds his little feet up just enough so they don't drag the ground.

  2. wow, Barrett made out like a bandit! Nicholas has a "car" too. Whenever we go to the garage to leave, I have to specify whose car we are taking, mine or his!! :)


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