Saturday, May 15, 2010


Whew!! I finally feel like I'm able to breathe again...sorta. 
Last night, I was so consumed by the millions of things on my "to-do" list, I just froze. 
I get like every once in awhile, when I get so overwhelmed.

I sat on the couch with a blank stare, making deep sighs.
Justin asked what in the world was wrong with me. 
I told him I felt like I had so much to do, that I couldn't even concentrate enough to make a to-do list!
It all piled up last night: wedding invites, blog design, session editing, print orders, client email campaigns, logo design, cleaning, cooking, laundry, planning Barrett's summer activities, etc., etc.

It was just too much all at once, so I did NOTHING!
We watched our Thursday night shows, and went to bed early (11:30pm).
I just needed the break.

I had a brand new sense of motivation this morning...thank goodness! Got a LOT done: Went to a garage sale; took Barrett on a long walk (per his request); cuddled on the couch before nap time & watched Little Bear;  Made sidewalk chalk roads and ponds on the back patio; mowed the yard and swept the driveway (hubby was grateful); went to Walmart for diapers and milk, ended up spending $56.00; met with two clients; edited pics; started organizing a photo display I will have at the library this summer; enjoyed chatting with my good friend, Tonya; updated updating the blog...yay!!

Kanza Days was the first weekend in May. I was excited to take Barrett this year. The last time he went, he was only 4 months, and slept in his stroller the whole time. There were so many fun activities. We all had a great time!

Started with the Parade...

Barrett was too worried about holding ALL of his candy at once, and taking it back to show Daddy, Mimi, Gigi and Papa, that he didn't pay much attention to the parade. We sat off the curb, in the road, so the kids could see better. Norah Kate's daddy told her if she waved, they would throw candy at her. So, she waved proudly at EVERYONE that passed by! The kids got free comic books too.

After the parade, we went home so Barrett could nap. After nap time, we took him to the fairgrounds for more of the activities.  The tractor pull made him MAD. He just wanted to ride the tractors. Try telling a two-year-old, WHY he can't go sit on one of those tractors.

Lots of cool demonstrations to see:
making rope, churning butter and knitting/rug hooking

Barrett DID NOT want to ride the ponys. We tried...I was sad!
But he did ride this :)

Norah Kate rode a horse with her daddy.
Seeing his friend ride, still didn't change Barrett's mind.

We checked out some old tractors (like the one shown at the top of this post), then it was time for free ice cream...

...and a show!

We watched this little Medicine Show with Farquar THREE times over the weekend. Kylie and Emily loved the magic. I loved it too! I think we only missed one of his shows. Barrett was mesmerized during the first show on Friday night, but by this one, he just wanted to play with sticks and run around with Mimi.

One of Kylie and Emily's friends (their neighbor boy) got called up for a trick.

Barrett finally decided to go up with Grandma Sandy, and sit for a quick minute.
It was a quick minute, then he was ready to get back to playing in the dirt.

Great day! Headed home...


  1. I know the feeling! It always seems like there are a million things to do and even when you check something off that checklist it seems like 5 more things get added. Guess this will always be the case while trying to balance a family and a business. A good cry always helps me out and then I can continue on feeling much better. :)

  2. Looks like Kanza Days was lots of fun! I have fond memories from when I was a child.

    I get totally overwhelmed sometimes too and I don't even have a home business! Usually a good cry, a hot cup of tea and some hugs from the hubs makes all the difference!

    Make sure you take time for yourself too! That's important!

  3. what a fun weekend! Wish we could have taken some of it in. Maybe next year :)

  4. And that's when the best thing to do is this...Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Take another deep breath. Know that you love and are being loved. Deep breath.


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