Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meet the Baby:: Introducing Caroline

Amber, Christie, Megan and I hosted a "meet the baby" shower for Audra and Caroline this past weekend.
It really was the perfect afternoon, and everyone enjoyed getting hold the new baby!

{beautiful cake and cupcakes by my talented friend, Christie}

{Audra, Lydia and Caroline...and the hostesses with the mostesses}

We were so happy to have big sister Lydia join us for the party! She did so good too!
Sorry to her mommy for the four or five heavily frosted cupcakes she might have been given by all of her aunts!

{Exhibit A: first cupcake of the afternoon from Aunt Christie}

{Beautiful girls: Kennedy, Caroline, Lydia and Jillian}

{Exhibit B: Time for a BLUE one from Aunt Gretchen. I think the sugar was kicking in, she looks happier here}

{All the bfe mom's got to hold the baby too}

We were happy to have Jillian join us too! We'd just celebrated her 1st birthday with a party the day before. Isn't she a doll!!
She let all her bfe aunts hold her, and we were thrilled!

Congrats again, on your beautiful little girl, Audra!
Although I was hoping Barrett would finally get a bfe baby boy playmate...
I wouldn't trade Caroline for anything in the world! She is a sweet addition.

Now, I get to look forward to Megan's new addition in October!
Excited to find out next week what she'll be having!!! I'm sending BOY vibes to her!

You can see many more pictures from the shower on my website.
I loved them all, so I put together a little slideshow...
{Click the picture below to go there}

OR you can get there from HERE.


  1. GREAT pics as always. What a fun day. I just love the fact that your BFE group is so close and your kids will be close. And to boot...EVERY single one of you are beautiful and talented!

  2. Love the pics of Caroline! She is a cutie! Melissa sent me pics of Ansley, they are SO good! You are very talented & have such unusual shots. Come to your blog every once in awhile thru Melissa or Audra's....hope ya don't mind! :-)

  3. Looks like it was a great party! Caroline is completely adorable and Audra looks awesome for just having had a baby!

    I bet Barrett will be thrilled when Megan's little man gets here!


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