Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hard-workin' boy

I forgot to post these picture in the {curb appeal} post!
A few of the landscaping process, and our hard-workin' little helper.

He is always telling me "me workin' hard, mama."
He loved being outside with us, and of course digging in the dirt.

See, there's that giant WEED plant I was telling you about.
I guess it might be pretty somewhere. It gets pinkish-purple blooms in the Spring.
But, this was not the spot for it, so bye-bye giant weed plant.
I'm sure people coming to our door always thought, jeesh, they need to pull that giant weed!

These show you want a mess the front bed was before. 
I'm still not 100% in love with it...but I'm not sure there's much more we can do...
Short of hiring a professional landscaper.

After the plant replacements, and before the river rock.

Barrett was a big help...
putting ONE rock on the shovel after every scoop we got.

Yeah, seeing the front bed in this picture confirms that I still don't love it. I think it's the long stones at the front. They need to be power-washed for one. But I think it might look better with something low, like some bricks?!?! Anyway, this picture shows that my new window is in and sparkling! I'm glad to finally have that replaced! Nice that it was under a double-lifetime warranty, but I had to wait a long time for it. It only took them 8 minutes to replace too!

*Just looked back at the pictures of the long stones above. They didn't look near as dirty as in this last pic. Maybe that's because I just ran out and took this picture in the rain :) Hopefully they're just darker and dirtier looking when they're wet!

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  1. your making me get into landscape mode! lol We have lots of yard work to do this weekend and I hope we have all the energy to get it done like you guys :) LOOKS GREAT


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