Tuesday, May 4, 2010

{TEN} on Tuesday

{1} A couple weeks ago I signed up for a free webinar with an awesome photographer out of Colorado, Sandy Puc'. She does tons of workshop tours every year, and I'd love to make it to one if the future. This was a live "Bellies & Babies" webinar, and it was free, so I didn't want to miss it! I made sure Justin was home from golfing, so we could get Barrett to bed, and I'd be ready when it started at 8pm. I got my viewing spot all set up, signed in, and off it went. Then about 10 minutes into it, they had to cancel and reschedule. Sandy was having some major connection issues, since she was in a hotel parking lot somewhere on one of her tours. So, I'll do it all over again soon, and hope it goes better this time.

{2} Saw this idea in one of my parenting magazines. I think it might have been Family Fun. I knew right away I wanted to do it. Seems like I'm always wishing I had scissors with me, to cut down straws for Barrett while we're out at restaurants. This solves that problem. They're already cut down, and they're bendy straws :) I did this right before our trip to Nebraska, and it got a lot of use!

* Toothbrush holder, from the toiletry travel section at Walmart
* Package of bendy straws, cut down (if you'd like)
* Stick it in your purse, and you're ready anytime you need a kiddie-sized straw at dinner!
(I guess I have a *thing* for green!)

{3} We had a do-it-yourself "curb appeal" project a couple weekends ago. Our flower beds got some much needed attention, and we touched up that darn chipping paint all over the house! It feels great to have things looking good for Spring! Since getting everything spruced up, I want to be outside ALL THE TIME! Barrett and I spend a lot of time on the back patio, and Justin's grilled out four or five times in the last week. We've also been taking advantage of the cool Spring weather, and eating outside.
A {peek} at what we did...

I'm hopeful I might get a few things for Mother's Day to add the finishing touches to my outdoor spaces.
Then I will get around to the before and after "curb appeal" post.

{4} One of the new recipes we tried out the other night on the grill....


1 small boneless skinless chicken breast half (1/4 lb.)
1 or 2 green pepper rings
1-3 red onion rings
1 Tbsp. BBQ sauce

(this is for one serving...adjust to make as many as you need)

Heat grill to med. heat. Place chicken in center of large sheet of heavy-duty foil; top with remaining ingredients. Bring up foil sides. Double-fold top and ends to seal packet, leaving room for heat circulation inside. Grill 15 min. or until chicken is done (165 degrees). Cut slits in foil to release steam before opening packet.
*I got this recipe from an old Kraft Food & Family magazine. They used pineapple instead of red onion. Didn't sound good to me, so I switched it up :) BUT, you might like the pineapple & bbq combo!

{5} I had a 9-month/family session with some awesome clients on Sunday evening. They are awesome because they're very loyal...I've worked with them for all of their childrens' milestones (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, family holiday pictures and cards, etc.). They are from Ark City, and I was super excited when they mentioned they wanted to do an urban session in downtown Ark City. I'm not too familiar with the downtown area there (this town is about 10 miles South of me, and where my hubby works most of the time). Anyway, they have some INCREDIBLE alley's and urban textures. I was in love!!

I'm still working on their session, but here are a couple to show the cool new "spots" I've found!

{6} It's BAAACK!!!!!
Friday Night Lights starts a new season on Friday!!  It's about time. I've been waiting patiently!

{7} I think I need to join Sweepers Anonymous. Is there such a thing? I've swept the back porch and carport at least 10 times in the last week. It's always been an obsession (with all the stinkin' leave we get falling down year-round), but now that we're spending so much time out there, it's worse! Barrett plays, and I sweep! If I had a nickle for every leaf I've swept up...

{8} Garage Sale??
I've been boxing and bagging stuff for the last few months, thinking I would have a garage sale sometime in May. Well, I just looked at the calendar yesterday, and realized that THIS weekend is the free weekend we have this month! Between photo sessions, family reunions and Memorial Day holiday, it will be June before I know it. So, if I'm gonna have a sale before June (when the summer activities and vacations start), I have to do. it. now.

We'll see what I decide!

{9} One of my favorite Spring events: Going to the HUGE consignment sale in Wichita with Megan and Audra. It's a Fall and Spring tradition. I love it because we make an evening of it. Go out to dinner (this time was On the Border), hit the sale for a few hours, DQ on the way home :)

This time, I made it home with LOTS of great stuff for Barrett! Several 3T pants and shirts for next year, shorts and shirts for this summer, shoes, swim trunks, jammies, toys, and even a cute little pair of Mary Janes for my cousin's baby, Lainey! As always, everything was Old Navy, Children's Place, Gap, Carters, and in great condition.

{10} Remember Favorite things of 2010: Part One??

There was also a {favorite things: fall edition}

Well, start thinking! Get your pictures and list ready!
Favorite things for Spring...coming soon!


  1. Tell me about that consignment sale...when do they do them? What's it called?

  2. Wow I am jealous of all of B's new things!!! I would LOVE to go to a sale like that for the girls! I need to pay more attention to those dates! Good finds---especially the little mary janes! I would have SNAGGED those in a {heartbeat}!

    Also I LOVE your white computer work stand. Where did you find that????

  3. Thanks, Danelle! I've had that little stand/breakfast tray for a long time. It's wooden/wicker. I painted the top surface yellow a few years ago. It used to be my aunts. I keep it on the hope chest at the foot of our bed.

  4. 1)Wow. Your bedroom is spotless.
    2)I'm stealing your straw idea and I LOVE your purse!
    3)Definitely need pics of your new curb appeal!
    4)Chicken pkts are yummy! Some crumbled bacon and little shredded cheese is super good and makes it totally unhealthy too.
    5)I always like seeing your photos. Love the blue peeling paint in the background!
    6)I can't wait to start Friday Night Lights on my netflix.
    7)Most of the trees around here aren't very mature, so I don't have a leaf problem...yet.
    8)Hope your sale went well!
    9)I had planned to go to that sale in Wichita but I was just getting out of the hospital instead. Stupid c. diff.
    10)I do remember your favorite things part 1, but I went back and read it again anyway.



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