Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby W: Take 2

We recieved a party invite a few weeks ago.
One that I had been anxiously awaiting!

One of my best friends is Due in October with baby #2.
ALL of my closest friends (the bfe's) have GIRLS!
Poor Barrett is in desperate need of another little boy to play with.

So, we made some pink & blue treats...

{iced lemon cookies with strawberry cream cheese and blueberries}

Then we dressed in our BLUE, and headed to the party!

::Baby W Preview::

Finally....time for the "preview"

Brent did a great job putting together a little video to reveal the news.
BUT, he's definitely a master at the dramatic stall technique!

We waited.....AND waited...




to hear this news:

Brent, Megan and Norah Kate will welcome a...
BABY BOY in October!

We are so excited for them, and happy that Barrett will have a little boy to play with.
But mostly, we're grateful that the baby was healthy and everything looked great on the ultrasound.
Congrats {W} family! We can't wait to meet your new little guy in October!


  1. Glad you took pictures. I was on the blue team as well :)

  2. Love this!! Awesome way to break the news to everyone.

  3. what a super cute idea for a party!!


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