Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tip Junkie: Boy Birthday Themes

I am honored to have been featured on Tip Junkie again...
this time for Barrett's 2nd birthday party. It was a Cowboy theme.

The lovely Laurie Turk {genius behind Tip Junkie} but together a great post full of ides for Boy Birthday party themes!
You can find it HERE. Barrett's party is featured as #23. 
I just love her site!! It's full of great ideas.

I am happy to know that all my hard work might help someone else with a few ideas :)
It amazes me to see {on my Google analytics} that I am STILL getting many visitors, just from Tip Junkie...coming to check out my monkey birthday party post.  That's been well over a year ago that it was featured. I'm not braggin' on ME, I'm braggin' on Laurie for having such an awesome site, that tons of people are obviously taking advantage of. Yay!

Some other recent party idea posts from TIP JUNKIE that you might be interested in:
I LOVE #1: the Fair Day birthday! Check out her tablecloths! Everything looks so fun. I guess I need a summer baby :)
Maybe one day...I'll get to plan one of these!!

Happy party planning :) Go get inspired and plan an awesome party!
THANK YOU, Tip Junkie!!

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  1. I am loving tip junkie! Thanks so much for giving me the website last year!! Congrats again and LOVE your party planning idea's!!


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