Thursday, June 3, 2010

kickin' it with friends

A couple weeks ago, we had some friends over to grill out.
It was before the weather suddenly turned HOT.

Great friends. Justin's steaks. Cold Beverages.
Eric Church blarin' on the ipod. Adorable kiddos. One toad. Lots of laughs.

It was right where I wanted to be.

We picked up every stick we could find, between our yard and our neighbor's yard.
I think the firepit was definitely worth the money.

Barrett likes to give things rides on the trike. The juice box is always a happy traveler.

After that, he did a little fishing.
He's probably the only one that thinks Mommy's sidewalk chalk fish ponds are awesome.
Well, besides Mommy, of course.

Hanging outside with cold beverages isn't complete without some of this...

Finally time to eat. Addison and Barrett had their own table :)
Looks like they're on a date!

YaYa trying some of Barrett's cheese puffs.
I don't think he was happy about it.

This was our after dinner excitement...

Then, time for dessert around the fire.
Right as Justin was adding some more logs sticks to the fire.

Alright, everybody... GO HOME!

Note: Laura, Heidi and Mitch were present at this BBQ
Sorry to have no photographic proof of it ;(


  1. So cute, Thanks for not including us in the pictures!! HA! The Potucek's

  2. Thanks again for the wonderful night, the yummy food and the, that sure does go a long way doesn't it? And I LOVE the pics of Andie and I!!!


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