Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day

Love this pic of my boys on Father's Day!

We had a great day with all the special dads in our life! Church that morning with my parents. It was VBS Sunday, and I loved watching the kids sing. Last summer I was in charge of crafts for VBS (Vacation Bible School). It was a BIG job and a stressful week. For the past few years, our church has done VBS with three other churches (maybe four). It's a fun collaboration with a great group of leaders. This year, our church was in charge of music...obviously not my forte!  Another church was in charge of crafts, so I got to be a "Mission Pilot." Meaning I led a group of 1st and 2nd graders around from activity to activity each evening of the week. This years VBS theme was Galactic Blast. I enjoyed being able to see all of the different activities they did, and since I was with the same seven kids each night, I really got to know them and their sweet personalities. It was a BLAST!

Big milestone for Barrett on Sunday was his first time staying in the nursery all by himself! Yes, he's two and a total Mama's boy. Usually when we go to church, he just sits with us for the service. He does really well, usually reading books and snacking. But last week, he got antsy really quickly. I ask him if he wanted to go the nursery, and he said "yes" right away. I walked him down, and he immediately started playing and let me leave. No tears. I did go back to peek at him a little while later and one of the young nursery workers was carrying him around :) He was happy to see us at the end of the service, but also excited to tell us about the things he played with in the nursery. Hopefully this is a step in a more independent direction for him. After church we grilled out at my parents, then went home for Barrett's nap.

Later that evening, we celebrated Father's Day with Justin's family. Barrett loved playing outside with his cousins, riding the vroom-vroom, and getting dirty.

{Mimi helped him pick some apples}

{Justin, Kylie & Emily played softball}

{Barrett played in the dirt}

{rode the vroom-vroom with Daddy}

{played ball with the girls}

Barrett had a great Father's Day with his daddy, grandpa and papa!

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  1. LOVE B's grin in that first pic! Looks like you guys had a great day spending time with family.


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