Thursday, September 3, 2009

One more week 'til Landrush!

Just ONE week from tonight, we'll be getting all settled into our 'ol camping spot in the Grove! Oh, how we missed it last year!
days until the Walnut Valley Festival begins!

We're hoping things at the site will be looking a little bit like this...

Dry grass, carpets and furniture out, jam sessions in progress. Who's ready to hear some Doreen??? I betcha fitty dollars that's what the boys are playing in the above photo :)

PLEASE hold the rain! We do NOT want our site to look like this again...

We missed you, Dear Grove, and "STELLA" too!

You can bet we'll be spending a lot of time here... the late night/wee morning hours!

I'm off to pack!

I'll leave you with these funny questions from our camp "Dad," Gale!
He sent these a few weeks ago, when we began coordinating our '09 Bluegrass plans.

So, Is anyone going to Winfield this year?
Does anyone want to make a camping compound this year?
Is anyone going to Land Rush this year?
Has anyone learned any new songs this year?
Has anyone learned how to play a new instrument?
Does Heidi still know how to make apricot pie?
Does anyone want some old people hanging around the camp site?
Does anyone want to partake in those great put-together meals?
Does anyone want to play my new Taylor Guitar?
Does anyone have a new baby, girl friend, husband, etc?
Does anyone remember us?
Is anyone still wet from last year?
Does anyone need to go to Wal-Mart?
Does anyone still shoot clay pigeons at midnight?
Does anyone want to attend Mary’s bacon and pancake breakfast?
Does anyone want to hear the new CD from Jane and my band?
Does anyone want to stay up really late?
Does anyone want me to tell you how things were in the olden days?
Does anyone miss the Chem-Cans?
Who is playing on Stage 5?
Does anyone still have a job to escape from?
Does anyone want my tickets in case I decide not to come?


  1. I'm sooooooooo excited for Bluegrass too! Looking forward to Land Rush and getting camp set up...wishing it already was and we were going to be there this weekend. Funny, I was just thinking about doing a post on Bluegrass too!

  2. I can't wait!!! We haven't camped in a loooong time and now with 2 little kiddos I know it's going to be a different experience.... I hope we're close by so that we can see you guys and enjoy some music together. Oh yeah, and the kids can play together ;)

  3. What a list of questions all very valid! Can't wait till the festival the countdown is on...


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