Saturday, July 31, 2010


I had some much needed down-time in my photography schedule this week! After the first couple weeks of the month, I was already feeling spread a little thin, so I decided to only take a few bookings for the last week of the month. I still had plenty to keep me busy. Editing sessions and finishing up weddings invites for my two September weddings clients! 

We were all a little in shock to have a FREE evenings! No swimming, no pictures for Mommy, no working late for Daddy, and nice weather! So, we ate dinner and headed out to the golf course. We've been members of the Country Club for a couple months now, and Justin has certainly been playing enough to get our money's worth :) They have great rates for membership, and Justin's friends were planning to join as well, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity. The course is beautiful, and Justin LOVES that he never has to make a tee time. I LOVED that we only saw three other people the entire nine holes we played. It was so peaceful. We're also looking forward to attending some social functions (wine and beer tastings, live music, etc.), and having one more place we can go to dinner. My parents have a pool, so I'm not sure we'll use the Country Club's much, but Justin also uses their indoor racquetball court.

Just last weekend, I had a photo session with a family that lives on the golf course. They have two older boys that golf all the time, so doing their pictures on the course was the perfect setting.

We forgot to grab some of Barrett's real clubs, so he used one we had in the Jeep!
It was fun to watch him...especially liked when he was concentrating so hard he would stick his tongue out :)

Let's zoom in on this one for a look at his concentration face!

I'm not sure where this face (above) came from, so I told Barrett not to look so mad...
and we got this. Much better!
The tongue is out again!

I shouldn't be posting the picture above, because when Justin mentioned getting new golf shoes a few weeks ago,
I told him the ones he had were just fine. Hmm...maybe they are getting a bit worn.

It was the perfect evening for it, and Barrett had a blast!
He was so good too. We will be spending a lot of time on the course this Fall. I might even dust off my clubs :)

Speaking of... Justin's out golfing now, and Barrett went with Mimi and the girls out to see Grandma and Grandpa. I'm going to proof my 2009 BLOG BOOK one more time, so I can send it to print. Yep, I did it...July 31st! I waited til the last minute, but it's finally ready!


  1. Oh my goodness!! I love Barrett's tongue sticking out while he's swinging his little (or should I say big?) golf club! hahaha! so precious!

  2. Love his golf club! Too cute!


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