Thursday, September 9, 2010

THE chair

Yep, I'm still here...
Just trying to catch up on editing, ordering, etc. before my Bluegrass vacation begins!
LandRush was postponed due to the rain, so that's given me a few extra nights to get things wrapped up. 

Barrett woke up sick on Monday morning. 
He was just fine Sunday, then woke with a fever, runny nose, and lots of sneezing. It turned into a pretty bad cough, so I took him to the doctor yesterday. He was starting to get an ear infection, so I'm glad we caught it early. We were sad to miss our first week of Fall activities, and I hate to see my little man miserable, but it's been kinda nice to just stay home with this dreary weather.

AND, I finished my 2010 Holiday card designs. You can see them HERE.
I get my templates from the super sweet and talented Ashley. I've been working with her for over a year. She just moved to Nebraska, so now I like her even more :) They are still a lot of work to prepare, but she makes my job so much easier!!

So....about THE chair!
Well, I'm happy to report I made my FIRST Craigslist purchase yesterday!!

Here's a {peek}

I've been searching Craigslist for some cool furniture, and was starting to get discouraged. I'd found a few I loved, but they were $100 or more. Then,  I found THIS! I squealed! It was perfect...just the style and vintage look I was going for. The brass nailheads were the icing on the cake! The sellers photo made it look like a light beige color, so when we pulled up and saw it on her porch last night, I was VERY excited to see it was a rich butterscotch color! Perfect for FALL!

Justin thought I was crazy, and wasn't too excited about driving to Wellington to pick up a chair. BUT he did it. $20 later, I was the happiest girl in the world! We tried out a Mexican place for dinner, then headed home.

Now, I need to call my dad to see if he has an extra storage unit for me! If I get anymore chairs, I'm gonna need a place to keep them all =')

You'll have to wait to see anymore of the chair. I'd planned to use it for my mini sessions at Badger Creek, but I think it might just be perfect for our family pictures in early October with this wardrobe color scheme --->

Justin and I did a little shopping on Monday, so these aren't exactly the things we'll be wearing, and the yellow is much deeper.

I've been getting lots of emails for the Fall Swap! Go HERE to sign up!!
I'm already gathering things for my partner!


  1. Awesome chair! And CHEAP! Oh I saw those T-strap sandals at DSW yesterday in Grey, I think... I saw so many shoes, makes my head spin. And I only have sweater boots in grey.. Will that work?

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I LOVE it!! Can't Wait!!! =D

  3. How funny, we are getting out family pictures taken by Kamee June in Sedona in October and this is very similar to the color scheme we are using. I am waiting for my yellow necklace and shoes to get here in the mail. :)

  4. Love the chair Laura!!!! Good for you!! I LOVE CHAIRS...Jim gets so frustrated with all my wooden chair purchases at auctions!! Can't help it, it's my addiction. :)

  5. Love the chair. That will be perfect in your shots. I'm also in love with the color scheme for your family photos. Always a big decision. We are going to be very festive this year for our Holiday photos - going with a red/white polka dot theme. Found matching tie/bow tie for daddy/son on Etsy and I just found the perfect frilly/girly red/white polka dot dress. We'll see how it turns out. :)


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