Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The party is OVER

Seems like just yesterday it was Land Rush, and we were waiting in line to get our bands and get to our camping spot. 

Well, that was Saturday, September 11th (Land Rush is usually the Thursday before the festival, but was postponed due to weather conditions).

Now, it's already the week after Bluegrass. The festival is OVER. Our camp "home away from home" has been down for over 48 hours. Camp family members have already all traveled safely back home to Tennessee, New Mexico, and across Kansas. All the laundry is done. The camping supplies are packed away.  There is only a hint of the smell of campfire smoke lingering in the Jeep (and my hair). 

Hmmm...at what point does this become a hazard to my driving?!?
There is room for two, maybe three more up there...then I think that means it's time for Mama to get a new vehicle :) Right?

{Barrett's first LandRush}

So...the party is OVER! It was an awesome year, and we're already counting down to 2011.
More pictures to come....


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