Thursday, September 30, 2010

Debut of THE CHAIR

I have no patience.
I'm horrible with keeping secrets.
I like instant gratification.
I jump the gun.
I just love to share.
I buy new clothes at the store, and I'm wearing them the next day.
It's just who I AM! it really any surprise that I pulled out THE CHAIR sooner than I'd planned?!?
I was saving it for our family session this coming weekend.

BUT one of my seniors (Rylee) texted me asking to use the damask chair she'd seen in a lot of my portfolio images. It was last minute, and that chair isn't mine. I wish it was!! But it belongs to my friend, Alicia!

So, I told Rylee that I couldn't get a hold of that one, but I had a new butterscotch chair I could bring. She of course said "yes, please!" first Criagslist purchase made it's debut on Saturday evening!! I couldn't have picked a more perfect session for it! Gorgeous senior, amazing Fall evening, awesome locations!

Hello $20 chair...where have you been all my life?

See...I told you a couple weeks ago that I was only giving you a {peek} of the chair, until our family session.
But I just can't help it! I love to share stuff!!!

A few of my favorites of Miss Rylee workin' the chair!

The chair has been in the back of the Jeep since Saturday night. My Jeep smells like an old man's house. No offense to any old men that read my blog :) It's patiently waiting to be used again at OUR family session this weekend!! I am soo excited! A little stressed...but mostly excited. There is so much pressure for a photographer to style her own family.  I'm done with the shopping though, and happy with what we have. I'm also excited to finally meet our photographers! Alicia and I have been emailing back and forth a lot. We both share an addiction to hunting for cool furniture on Craigslist! So, it's crazy that I feel like we've already met, and we've been friends for years!

There it is...the debut of THE CHAIR! For sure the best $20 I've ever spent.
You will be seeing a lot more of it on the photoblog. Everyone will want to use it this Fall. 
Well, I would anyway.


  1. Cute post :) And LOVE the pics as always. Can't wait to see your family portraits. You have such a handsome family I am sure they will be very special!

  2. You. Are. Adorable.

    I love this post.

    I love this chair.

    I love the bubbles.



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