Tuesday, October 5, 2010

{TEN} on Tuesday

{1} the lion's den

Would you believe me if I told you I was *THIS* close to a lion a few weeks ago??

Yeah, I didn't think so! Well, I was THIS close...but there was also some heavy-duty glass between us.

We took Barrett to the zoo on one of Justin's days off before Bluegrass. It was a Monday, and all the kids were back in school, so we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. It was nice to be able to get up close at the exhibits without tons of people all around. This was the first time we'd seen the Lion's up so close to the glass. Barrett loved it. It was pretty cool, but kind freaks you out a bit to think about how close you are to them...and imagine if that glass wasn't there. I ask Justin "if the glass weren't there, would they be eating us right now, or still just laying there all lazy?" I think he just laughed at me :)

Here is what it really looked like ---->

{2} family pics
Our family pictures were on Sunday evening!! It could not have been a more perfect night for photos. It was in the 60's at 5:00 when we met Dac and Alisha in Ark City, and there was only a slight breeze. We hung out with them for almost two hours, and it was a blast! It took Barrett about 15 minutes to really warm up to them, but once he did, he was lovin' it. After we left our first location (an alley in AC), Barrett wanted to walk over to their car to tell Dac he'd "see ya at the cows." It was so nice that he got comfortable so fast. Dac was able to take him off and get pics of him by himself, while Alisha photographed Justin and I together.  It was so FUN! Now, I am patiently waiting to hear from Alisha. I put my clients through the waiting game, so I can handle it too...I think! 

{3} happy october
I can't believe it's already October, but I'm not complaining...it IS my favorite month of the year!! On Saturday, I turned on the heat in the Jeep for the first time this season, and as I write this, I have the fireplace on :) I love it!! I've been drinking lots of spiced chai tea, and enjoying evenings out on the back patio. Last night Barrett roasted his first hot dog over our fire. (Pics of that to come sometime). One of my favorite things this time of year...my friend Megan makes the best pumpkin chocolate chip muffins! AND just today she brought us a plate full! Yum! Thanks, Megan!!

This month, I'm looking forward to: 
Watching lots of football, and hopefully going to a game in Manhattan at the end of the month!
The Homecoming parade and game this Friday
Our annual McPherson Fall day this coming weekend
My mini sessions in 11 days!!
My 8th Anniversary
Celebrating several friends' birthdays
The birth of the 2nd BFE baby BOY!! Any day now!!
Going to the pumpkin patch
Our annual pumpkin carving night at the Wolf's

{4} 'lil punkin
My mom and I went to a craft fair this past weekend, and I spotted an adorable little pumpkin hat at one of the booths. It was made by a local lady (the mom of a client), so I ask if she could make one in a smaller size to use on Megan's October baby! She had it to me the next day!! I took it to my session last night, with Audra's baby girl. She looked so cute in it!! I can't wait to use it on all my October babies!

{5} fall swap
All of my swap participants have been matched up with their partners! I can't wait to see what everyone is swapping!! I had a great turnout this time, and even had ladies from the Netherlands, Ontario, and all over the USA sign up! I'm just about done gathering my partners stuff, and I can't wait to get it mailed out!

{6} wedding
This month, I will be shooting my FIRST WEDDING!! Eek! No, I don't shoot weddings...but this bride is from Winfield, and she emailed me many months ago begging for me to shoot her wedding. I was flattered. I thought about it, and agreed. She will be married at The Barns at Timber Creek. It is the most beautiful outdoor location, and also where my little brother was married last year. I've done several sessions out there, so I'm very comfortable with the setting and lighting. I just met with my couple last week, and it got me really excited for the big day! I DO love an October wedding!! 

{7} my style
Just for fun...a few {before & afters} of some of my client images
Thankfully, my workflow in photoshop has gotten much faster. This is my busy time of year, so I need to be able to get through the editing pretty quickly, while still giving the image my style. To do this, I've created a "recipe" or custom set of actions for all of my images. They are the basic edits I do to every image, then after that, I might also do a few other things...depending on the image. I usually always do some cropping too. 

Since most of you probably aren't Photoshop users, I won't bore you with the technical stuff...but if you are intersted in knowing about what actions I use, or any specific edits on the following pics, just email me :) I am happy to share what I know (which in the realm of PS is very little).

My photography style is to shoot primarily with my 50mm prime lens.  I shoot wide open, giving my backgrounds lots of creamy bokeh. For editing, all photographers have their own style. Mine is pretty basic. I like to keep the image crisp, and bright. I like the colors to be bold and vivid, and I also tend to prefer a warm image over a cooler one. Although I love black and white, I only use it when the photo is just right for it. Unless the image is just right for it, I don't do a lot with vintage actions, overlays, or textures either. The image of Caroline below screamed out for vintage. In this case, I love it!

That's a little behind the scences in my "office"...this is what I do until 4am :)
I will try to get better about saving some before and afters. These were the only ones I could come up with now, because once I finish proofing and backing up a session, I delete all the original files. 
{8} K-State vs. Nebraska
Looking forward to the big game this Thursday! I won't say who I'm rooting for, but I'll be happy with any outcome.

{9} New camera 
Our little sony cyber-shot point and shoot died a few months ago. I didn't think I'd ever say it...but I MISS it!!  I really need a little camera that I can stick in my purse and always have with me. I don't want to be the "photographer" all the time. Sometimes, I just want snapshots! Does anyone have any recommendations?!?! I haven't shopped point and shoots for a long time. What are you using?

{10} babysitting coop
Megan, Audra and I have decided to take turn hosting a morning playgroup at our homes. We call it our babysitting coop. Each Monday from 9-12, one of us keeps all the kids at our house. It's like a mom's morning out for the two moms that are dropping off their kids. This Monday was my turn! It was so fun to have Lydia, Caroline, and Norah Kate here to play. The kids did great, but I will certainly NOT be opening a daycare anytime soon =) 

Happy Tuesday!!

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