Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What WE wore...

I am loving getting all the emails and comments on our wardrobe!
After all of the stressing I did over it, it's nice to know others like it =)
Hopefully we don't end up on what NOT to wear

The most popular wardrobe question here, in my inbox, and on Facebook....
Where did you get your brown boots???

Great news, folks!  I got them at Kohl's!
I've been wearing them a lot, and they are really comfortable!
Here is the link. Looks like they're still on SALE!

::Justin's outfits::
He was easy to style...mostly. 
Both shirts were from Kohl's. They are Helix brand. 

Holister Jeans, and his favorite boots completed his wardrobe

{outfit one} 

 {outfit two}

::Barrett's outfits::

{outfit one}
His charcoal gray shirt is from Pumpkin Patch
( I learned about this place from my friend, Bethany)
I looked EVERYWHERE for a long-sleeve turquoise shirt to go under that, and finally found something at...none other than Wally World!
Actually, we were just crusin' down the isle one day, headed for milk,
and Barrett reached out, grabbed the rack, and said "Me want Thomas, Mommy."
I said, " should have Thomas." was perfect, and he liked wearing it!

His charcoal gray hat is from Gap Kids/Baby Gap

{outfit two}
His yellow layered polo shirt is from Old Navy

His jeans are from Gap

His Converse are from Target
His red trike is from Grandpa Everett (Gpa Rabbit)
AND the giant lollipop is from Michael's Craft Store.

::Laura's outfits::
My hair was done by my super sweet sister, Kim!
I loved it, and sooo wish she could do it for me every morning! It made me feel so beautiful ;)
She even did a trial run of it a few days before....awwww, I love her!

{outfit one}
My red shirt with belt is from Maurices

Jeans are Decree

Turquoise cork wedge shoes are from Kohl's
They were on the clearance rack for $8! You can imagine how exited I was to find my size!

Necklace, earrings, and bracelet are all from Kohl's
Necklace and earrings are by Sonoma 
Bracelet is by Mudd

I had a special little red flower I was planning to wear in my hair for a few, but I forgot ;(

 {outfit two}
sweater is from Maurices

gold tank top is also from Maurices

skinny jeans are Vigoss

scarf is from Wal-Mart

Boots are from Kohl's

Beaded hoop earrings are from Target
got them on the clearance rack for $1.48!!

Beaded bracelet was purchased at a local craft fair for $5

Headband is from Kohl's
I think it was Mudd brand

I think that's about it!!!
I hope I can give you some inpiration to plan your family's wardrobe for your next portrait session!
Have fun with it, and it will all just come together.


I just ordered a proofbook of ALL our images...
I'm hoping that will help me make some decisions on my favorites for Christmas cards and which ones I want to hang HUGE on our walls! I told Alisha I have looked at them a million times, and I just can't narrow it down. I love them all!!

THANKS again to On the Wall Photography for our precious images! 
I will treasure them forever!!

I am so thankful to have found Dac and Alisha!
I'm looking forward to their session in April...and really hope this might be an annual trade we do :)


  1. $8 for those shoes...I love it!!! Totally jealous. :)

  2. So fun to hear where everything came from. I loved doing your hair and would do it every morning for the right price. ha! Can't wait for our pics coming up, so excited!!

  3. I ordered the boots!! Woohoo! Thanks for letting us in on your wardrobe secrets!!

  4. I love those boots too! I have been wanting a pair! I think I might just get me some of those! Your pics are amazing and I can't wait to have Jaxson's taken by you this weekend!

  5. I LOVE reading all about you guys and your fun adventures. Thanks for the fashion tips and sharing! Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!


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