Tuesday, October 12, 2010


First...thanks for all the sweet comments on our family pics!
I got the CD from Alisha today, so I can't wait to show off some more!!

My email and Facebook have been flooded with questions about our wardrobe...
I'm hoping to do a little post on the details soon! 

{Snapshots from an evening at home::10-04-10}

Last Monday, we hung out on the back patio.
Justin grilled and started a fire for us.
Barrett ran up and down the driveway, colored at the table, and helped Daddy with the fire.
I helped with dinner, roasted a hot dog with B, and tried out my new wide angle lens.

All the above pics of Barrett make me a little sad...
I think he looks SO BIG all of the sudden in pictures.

 One of Barrett's favorite things these days, is to cuddle in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
Instead of watching cartoons on the couch before bed, he begs to watch them "in your bed, Mommy."

How can I resist! So, we cuddle for a bit, watch some toons, then I send him to his own bed. 

Although this past Thursday and Friday night, he DID get to sleep with Mommy!
Justin was away on another survival trip with his brother.
(This one was much more successful than the last one)
So, Barrett was my favorite little snuggle-buddy! 


  1. Momma and daddy's bed is always better for snuggling!!! :)

  2. Um have you ever considered doing home design work? Your bedroom always reminds me of a suite in a fab hotel


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