Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Spooks

Better late than never....
The community Spooks Parade was almost two weeks ago.

I finished editing ALL 29 mini sessions over the weekend, so now I'm trying to catch-up on our pictures.
Here are a few from the parade. It was the Tuesday before Halloween.
Also our 8th Anniversary! Who wouldn't want to spend their anniversary doing this?!?!

This little guy is in Barrett's playgroup, and also his art class. He is the most adorable thing!!
I of course LOVED his costume! The UPS man comes to my house every. single. day =)

This one scared the heck outta Barrett!
It scared the heck outta me too!

He was his usual shy & clingy self for most of the evening. I walked with him in the parade, while Justin took pictures.
Barrett wanted me to carry him, of course. But I made him walk.
I was excited to see Justin got this picture of him looking like he's having fun!!

After the parade (i.e. two block herding of children), they announce the costume winners, and hand out goodie bags.
Kylie (Barrett's cousin), got 1st place in her age group!! She's the hobo on the left!
She and her mama did a great job with her costume!!

After the Spooks Parade, Barrett went home Gigi and Papa, so that Justin and I could go out for our anniversary!
It was a fun night! I think our little football player had fun!

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  1. So cute! And for the record I think the scariest costume is the SOONER! :)


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