Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Favorite Things::Fall

I "Googled it," and found out the first day of Winter in 2010 isn't until December 21st....
Seems late, but I guess that means I'm not as late as I thought with my {favorite things} of Fall!

I hope to get in one more {favorite things} post for 2010! We'll see!
If you're interested in my first two {favorite things}....

Part I-Winter 2010
Part II-Late Summer 2010

{1} happy pillow
I bought this pillow (brown, pink, orange & yellow) at Target about a month ago. I wasn't looking for a pillow...just happened to see it, and noticed it was on clearance for $4! Didn't really go with anything in my house, but I had to have it, of course! It doesn't match our bedding or room very well, but it makes me that's where it lives. I told Justin it would make a good inspiration piece for any future little girl baby nurseries we may have.  *note: I am NOT pregnant =)

{2} coffee mug
Well, I don't drink coffee, so this is my Chai tea mug! I was bored out of my mind shopping with Justin in Dick's one day, and found it. Loved the reddish-orange color, and it was the perfect size.

{3} purse
I do love purses! Not totally in love with this one, but the little pockets on the outside are great for my cell phone. No more digging around, and missing calls! Plenty of room for Barrett's crayons, candy, etc. Goes with brown and black. I'm happy!

{4} Zac Brown Band CD
It's been playing in our car for two months straight. Need I say more?!? My favorite song is #8
Barrett loves "Walkin' Away." We were in the mall last night, and it came on at one of the stores. Barrett yelled "Mom, Dad, this my favorite song!" Then started singing "walkin' away..." Those are about the only words he knows. But we rock out to in it the Jeep a lot!

{5} Lavender Car Sachet
I'm on my third one of these. I buy them at our local Farmers Market. The lavender is from Bonfy Farms in Winfield. I'm hoping to take Barrett out there next Spring or Summer. One of my blogging and real-life friends, Katelin, took her kids, and it looked like fun! These sachets last a long time. Just give them a little fluff every once in awhile. 

{6} Bean Pot
My first Bean Pot! My sister-in-law and mother-in-law had a Celebrating Home party not long ago, and I got my first Bean Pot! I was very sad when it came and the lid was chipped. So, I've had the pot and basket, but no lid for several weeks now. I'm impatiently waiting for the replacement, so I can finally start cooking in it! There are TONS of great things you can make! Here are a few. Oven, microwave, dishwasher, yeah!

{7} Baskets
Also got these from Celebrating Home! Barrett likes to hide cars and things in the little top basket. I have visions of using them for a newborn session. Ya know, hang a baby out the top basket. I actually used the little one on a session a few weeks ago. Here's Ansley modeling with my new basket!

{8} Scarves
I love 'em! These are just a few of my faves. I need more. You can never have too many, right?!?

{9} Mmm....rosemary juniper!
Got this on referral from my friend, Tonya! L'Oreal Rosemary Juniper shampoo. Great way to start your day :)

{10} MY very own keepsake book
I print these for my clients ALL.THE.TIME. I was so excited to get my very own. I print my clients' books as 4x6's. For ours, I decided to try a 5x7 book. Bigger IS better! I love it! I love having ALL of the images (I had to get rid of a few-80 images in the max for my lab's books) printed and all together. It's been a great help in picking our our Christmas card photos, and what I want on our walls! Still  working on the Christmas cards. The wall prints will come soon!

That's it for Fall!! PLEASE share your own favorite things!

I'm off to get ready for a night out with my girls! Dinner to celebrate someone's birthday :)
I see a Mountainberry Margarita in my future!
(If you haven't had one of these at Montana Mike's yet, you must try!!!)

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  1. Isn't that shampoo and conditioner devine?! Happy you love it as much as I do. And about that Mountain Margarita...what time? :)


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