Tuesday, November 9, 2010

{TEN} on Tuesday

{1} Happy Birthday to ME!
My birthday's not til the end of the month...but I like to celebrate ALL month long! I have a lot of things on my wish list.
I probably won't get any of them :) but it's fun to dream!

::Apple iPad::

For one, it would just be fun to have! Barrett could play games on it and read books. It would also be an awesome thing to take along on my client meetings. Especially when I'm helping them with orders, and they could see their images right there!

::Need to Breathe CD::

I obviously love this group, and I'd really love to get their newest CD 'The Outsiders' ...Nuf said!

 ::Northface Jacket::

I've been wanting one of these for a long time, but I can't ever decide which style and color I want. So I've just never bought one. Maybe this year??? I am really liking this graphite color.

::Canon EOS 5D Mark II::

I just upgraded my camera last December, and it's totally great for what I do. BUT my business is definitely taking off, so I might be upgrading again before long! This camera would be a couple steps up from what I currently have (The 50D). The Mark II is a full-frame camera, and I would really love that!

Okay...enough birthday dreaming!
That almost could have been a {ten} on Tuesday post all on it's own!

{2} Modern Family

Anyone else watch Modern Family?!?! We LOVE this show!!
It's the highlight of my Wednesday :)

{3} KSU Game
We went to Manhattan over Halloween weekend for the KSU/OSU game. The Cats didn't get a win, but it was still fun. The game was early, so we had plenty of time to rest up at Christie's house after. Then we headed to dinner at Little Apple Brewery and out to Aggieville. It was Halloween in Aggieville, so there was entertainment everywhere! I sooo wish I had a point-and-shoot camera! There were some hilarious costumes, but nobody had a camera on them! Maybe I should add that to my birthday list too!

We celebrated Audra's 31st birthday in Aggieville....
Just as we'd done 10 years before.

Well, actually, I didn't turn 21 for another month.
So, I guess Audra and Christie might have been the only ones celebrating in Aggieville.

{4} New bedding for Barrett
The time is coming...we will be turning Barrett's room into a "big boy" room before long. That means bye-bye crib and hello big boy bed. We could have done it a long time ago, but the truth is, Barrett is my rock-start sleeper. So I've been hesitant to do anything that will mess that up.  He doesn't  climb out of his crib, he sleeps 12+ hours at night, and takes 3-4 hour naps during the day. AND, I kinda like hearing him call out "Mom, me ready get up now" every morning. I'm sure he'll do just fine though.

I'm having a hard time finding bedding. I'm a little picky. Who would have thought :) His walls are greens and browns, so it would be nice to find something that require no re-painting. I don't really want any characters, and I'd like something that will grow with him for awhile.

I just saw this in my newest Pottery Barn Kids catalog, and I really like it. 

The quilted bedding is browns and greens, and would easily grown with him for several years.

The dino print on the wall is $179!!!
I think I can create one of those myself!
This gets me excited to work on his room! Maybe after the holidays, it can be our 3rd birthday project!

{5} GAP Casting Call
A couple weeks ago I entered Barrett in the GAP Casting call for kids. They had a million + entries!
I cropped this image down and sent it in. Gap clothing wasn't a requirement, but he was wearing Gap jeans here...and I thought it showed personality!
GO HERE to vote for Barrett as a "fan favorite"

{6} Christmas Cards
I am soooo excited for my business rush to slow down after this month! I take off the month of December to catch up on my edits, update my website and blog, get tax stuff ready, and spend more time with my family. I will also get a chance to work on OUR family Christmas cards! I've got the design started, and I love it! I'll have {peeks} to share once they're done and mailed out! Hoping to get them out in early December!

{7} Trew Luv

Just ordered these two adorable headbands from the Trew Luv Etsy shop. I can't wait to try them on some clients! They are on elastic bands, and fit newborn up to adult!

{8} Consigment Sale
Our October Girl's Night was a trip to Wichita. We (Audra, Roiann, Kelsey & I) went to dinner and then to a big consignment sale. Megan didn't make the trip, since she was due any day with Callum! I was excited, as always, to find lots of great goodies for Barrett, and have a night with my girls!

Here is some of the stuff I came home with! Lots of long-sleeve shirts, pj's, shoes, jackets, and undies. I wanted jeans for him, but struck out. Hoping to find some of those next month, when we hit up another sale!

I was pretty excited about the shoes. They were both in great shape! The Gymboree ones are a little small, but I couldn't pass them up for $3.00. I'll put them up, and use them if we have another boy. The Merrill shoes were exciting too! I knew Justin would love them, since he has a pair too! It will be a few years before Barrett fits into them, but they were a steal!

{9} Before & Afters
These were popular last time, so I thought I'd share a few more. It was FUN to get emails from complete strangers that read my blog and enjoyed me sharing these. I was happy to send them my tips and recipes :) I wish more would come out of the woodwork and comment, so I know they're out there reading. BUT I understand. There are a TON of blogs I read, and never comment on.

{Obviously removed the drool, and then ran my usual recipe}

{Chesney is beautiful, so her edits were easy-peasy! Just tamed a few flyaway hairs in this one, brightened her eyes, and warmed it up}
{love the colors in this image...got rid of some hair laying funny on her arm, and a bit of her dress strap sticking out under her arm. MY bad for not catching that in the moment.}

{Didn't want Mister Hayes to fall, so Mama was right there, then I made her disappear!}

{Another one of Chloe, in another hat. Cropped and tried to even out the shadows on her face}

{10} Matt Maher

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it! Looking for a couple new songs to use with my Mini Session galleries, I came across it again. It was perfect!

Matt Maher::Hold us Together

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. Uh... SO I had a camera the whole time. OOps :) And I NEED that picture of me, you and Audra!

  2. I definitely vote that you get an iPad for your business. I have one for work and I love it. I use the apps as distraction during procedures and I will soon have all of my preparation pictures for procedures and surgery on there as well. I was just talking to someone else who uses their iPad to show buyers their jewelry that they sell. Sophia loves it too. I have used it at multiple doctor appointments with her as well as just for fun.

    Love the Pottery Barn bedding. You can definitely recreate that dinosaur art.

  3. Love those hair bands and Love the 'Before and After" pictures! Chesney looks like a beautiful country singer!

    Hope you get all you are wishing for on your birthday!

  4. I'd love to know what your recipes are! I'm constantly trying to find new action sets to run!

    I'd love a full-frame, too. Ahhh...for another day, I guess!

  5. LOVE Modern Family. Was totally bummed when I sat down to watch it this week and it wasn't on! Voted for Barrett - that is one cute shot! And, I'd love to know how to even run an action. I really need to figure out photoshop. Been thinking about taking a class.

  6. I am one of those strangers who loves to read blogs and learn new things. I absolutely love your (9) "Before and Afters". I am new to editing and have been searching for action tutorials. If you'd be so kind as to share your recipes, I would greatly appreciate it. Your pics are great!!!

    Amy (anise95@yahoo.com)



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