Thursday, November 15, 2012

22 weeks

Well, I'm actually just about 27 I'm a little behind with posting! I have an excuse: I'm exhausted ALL the time, and I've had about 50+ session in the last few weeks :) Throw in there Halloween, Halloween parties at school, our 10yr anniversary trip, and more I can't remember! 

During week 22-23, we were throwing around some name ideas. Still nothing has been decided! We have a few more weeks! Bought some stuff for the nursery...fabric for bedding, curtains, pillows, etc. AND some other random things. 

{like these window panels from Target, but didn't buy them}

{like this gray poof ottoman from target, but didn't buy it...yet}

{found these burnt orange bins in the "$1" area at target, and bought all they had}

{found these little balls at Josephine here in town...thought I could incorporate them into a custom baby mobile, we'll see}

Barrett had his last soccer game for the Fall season on October 20th.  He did great, but we're hoping he'll be a bit more enthusiastic about it in the Spring.

We were sooo excited to have my little brother, Brandon (Uncle Bobby) and my sister-in-law, Jenn, here for the weekend. One of Brandon's good friends from high school was having a wedding reception, so he was really busy with  wedding party stuff, but we still go to hang out a bit. Barrett loves his Uncle Bobby! I enjoyed lunch with Jenn and my mom at CHC, then some shopping in downtown Winfield.

 {playing ipad with Uncle Bobby}

{Spider Man joined us for dinner at Abuelo's...notice he has a miniature napkin on his lap!}

by the fire outside Abuelo's

In early October, the girls (Audra, Megan, Roiann, Cassie) and I made our twice a year trip to Wichita for the consignment sale. I found a few things for Barrett, and couldn't resist a few sleepers and onesies for little brother. I also found an adorable bassinet for $20. Excited to have that for our room, once the little guy arrives.

Some other random iphone pics from weeks 22-23...

helping daddy make sauteed mushrooms for our steaks

I had pictures in Atlanta, KS one evening...thought this was a pretty view on my drive back to Winfield

tree outside our bedroom window changing

Joined friends at Audra's to celebrate Cal's 2nd birthday

working in the garage with daddy

we did a lot of tree trimming around our property...Barrett enjoyed helping pick up the small limbs and hauling them back to the brush pile in his little wheelbarrow. Also started our wood pile for the fireplace!

still craving LOTS of fresh veggies. Made this yummy salad with vinegar and salt & pepper! 

he's into dividing things up these days :)

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