Thursday, November 15, 2012

10 year anniversary

I've always done a sweet post for our anniversary!
That didn't happen this year, even though it was a big one...TEN YEARS!!

So, I'll just look back on past years =)

{lots of flashback pictures in this one...ha,ha!! we look so young}

TEN years might just be one of the sweetest yet!
We will welcome another sweet baby boy to our family. I'm already so in love with "my boys."

We've always made time for a little getaway together to celebrate our anniversary. Especially when October is always one of the busiest months of the year, it's nice to escape reality for a bit. We'd planned to have a BIG trip (tropical destination) for our 10 year, but that will have to wait. Maybe 12 years?!?! So, we just road-tripped to Tulsa, OK for a couple nights at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. It was fun! Lots of gambling, shopping, eating out, and just being together! Loved it!!!

{24 weeks...headed out for Tulsa}

our first Peachwave experience! needed a break after shopping!

dinner at Toby Keith's I LOVE THIS BAR
Looking huge...ugh!

my friday night JACKPOT! Won this on a Princess Bride game. So fun!!
The next night, on the SAME machine, Justin hit a jackpot of over $300 too!

Happy TEN years!!!
{plus 7 years of dating before that}

Bought this fabric for the nursery. Hoping my talented sister-in-law, Kim, could help make something with it :) Bedding with the chevron and burnt orange on left...the one on right just for a pillow, maybe?

pretty sunset leaving the mall

Since we were there October 26-28th, there were Halloween costumes everywhere!
This was Dog the Bounty Hunter! He looked just like him! Darn lady walked in front of them as I was taking pic...he had Beth with him too! 

Our favorite game!! It was in the non-smoking area of the casino, which is where we spent pretty much all our time. Close to bathrooms, beverage station, the food court, and clean air!! 

Happy 10th Anniversary, babe! Love you more and more still, every.single.year!
Can't wait for all that is to come this year. 


  1. so glad you got away - it looks like a fun trip!!! And look at you getting all these posts in!

  2. Sounds like fun...Happy 10 year Anniversary! Our 18th was on Monday...I think we get to sneak off to Wichita this afternoon!! We're hoping for a big trip on our 20th...A tropical get-a-way sounds awesome! Whoo hoo on the jackpots too!!


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