Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Letters to my Little Bear-Twelfth Edition

Dear sweet Barrett,
It's Tuesday morning, August 12, 2008...and we're home together! You're sleeping like an angel in the next room while I write this. It's been awhile since I wrote a letter to you, as things have been a bit busy. Mommy's all done with work now and this is already my 12th day home with you! We've been so busy and have had so much fun already. Mommy left her job just in time because in the last couple of weeks you've done so much!!

Let me get the calendar I write on, so I can remember it all.....
July 20: Went from tummy to sitting up all by yourself
July 21: Sitting and scooting everywhere
July 26: First time I found you sitting up in your crib
July 28: Decided we'd better lower your crib in case you decided to pull up
July 29: Started pulling up to stand on Mommy's legs
July 31: Mommy's last day of work
August 1: Tried carrots-didn't care for them
August 4: First time I found you standing in your crib (we were at Gigi's)
August 5: You crawled about 5 "steps" before going down to your tummy
August 6: PAFT visit. Mrs. Cheryl couldn't believe all you were doing
August 7: Left for your first vacation to Austin, Texas
August 11: Crawled from your crib, through the hall to Mommy in the bathroom
Took lunch to Daddy at his office and visited with everyone there
Went to visit Gigi at her school. You showed her how you crawled and she nearly screamed, she was so excited!
Started cutting your first bottom tooth...last night was rough, poor baby!

See, good thing Mommy writes all this down...you're growing and changing so fast!

Your six month picture with your monkey. He just keeps shrinking!!

You love to read books!

You and Mommy before church.
Standing in your crib...and screaming!

On August 5th, you went with Mommy to VOTE! I was going to ask for your opinion when I was casting my vote, but a nice lady that used to be on the board where I worked wanted to hold you. You were quite a hit with everyone there. We'll be going back again in November!

Since Mommy's been home, we've gone for a walk almost every morning. You love walks and looking around at all the scenery. Yesterday morning, Norah Kate and her mommy went with us. After our rough night last nights, I had to tell Norah's mommy we wouldn't make it today. On August 7th, we left for your first summer vacation. We went to Austin, Texas with Uncle Bobby for the weekend. He had an interview with a Graphic Design firm there, so we decided to go along and have some fun. It took us nine hours to drive there, but you were such a good boy. Mommy sat in the back seat with you, so we played and read books, and you slept a lot too! You sat in a high chair for the first time on our trip and you looked like such a big boy. We brought your pack-n-play for the hotel room and you slept great in it. You were such an easy baby on the trip and Mommy was so proud of you! Here are some pictures...

Your big vacation purchase...Daddy picked out a new hat for you!
You & Mommy in the hotel room
Playing in your bed! Mommy didn't want you crawling on those dirty hotel floors, so you were either in your pack-n-play or sitting with us up on our bed.

At the Oasis, a fun outdoor restaurant on a lake! This is where you sat in your own chair like a big boy for the first time.

Playing with Uncle Bobby while Mommy finished her lunch.
Walking the streets of downtown Austin with Daddy. This was before we bought you your own hat. It was HOT and we didn't want your little head to get burnt, so Daddy let you borrow his hat!

In the car...sucking on your toes!

Today we're going to see Lydia, Norah and Hadley. I'm sure Mommy we'll have some new pictures of that visit soon! I love you Little Bear!

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