Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Let's read a book...or just eat it

Barrett has tons and tons of books! His Gigi is always giving him a new book and we love to read. He's just discovered the toy basket we keep at the end of the couch for him in the family room, and loves emptying it out. He's always tossing the toys aside and going after the books! He loves to chew on them...you'd think he'd rather have a teether toy, or something soft that fits easily in his mouth?!? Nope, he loves those yummy book corners!

Ahh...here's the duck book Gigi got me! I bet it's extra tasty, since it's so big!
If I can just get it out from behind this silly basket...Forget you ducky, I'll just try one of these other books! This one looks good!Ummm...that's the ticket!

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  1. I'm trying my hand at comments!?!?! What beautiful BIG blue eyes. I LOVE them! Don't you know that a book is just a great to taste as it is to hear. Glad your enjoying your time at home :)


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