Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Our trip to the County Fair!

Well, I don't know if you can really call it a "trip." It was still 104 degrees on Sunday evening when we got there, so it was more like out of the car, fly through the animals, and back in the car. Our county fair has carnival rides, 4-H exhibits, animals, demolition derby and food! We really haven't been in the last several always too darn hot! Well, it was just as hot this year, but it was important to me to take Barrett down for his first fair experience. I know he didn't have a clue where he was or what was going on, and he certainly won't remember it...but I've got the pictures.

I'm sure Justin thought I was nuts, dragging our baby out in 100+ degree weather to see some farm animals...but if so, he never showed it or said it! He just went along with it like the good husband and father he is! You see, Justin and I had our first "date" at the fair in August 1995! I say "date," because neither of us could drive, so we were just dropped off there and spent the evening walking through the mainway with our friends, barely speaking. Ahh..young love!

So, Sunday night all we wanted was to see the 4-H exhibits (photography, art, vegetables, etc) and animals that were in the shaded buildings! Barrett's favorite (who am I kidding...he didn't have a clue) were the cows! He laughs at me when we read his farm animal book and I say "the cow says moooo." So of course every animal we saw (chicken, goat, sheep, cow) I would say "the ______says ____." And it was me mooing that made him laugh the most, therefore, I came to the conclusion that the cows were his favorite! Enjoy a few of our pictures! There's not very much action this year, but I'm sure our 2009 county fair pictures will be good for a laugh...I can imagine Barrett running everywhere trying to stick his fingers in all the animal cages! Oh my!!


  1. The girls wanted to go see the animals too! We went Friday and it was blistering HOT! We flew through everything else and by the time we left we were all drenched in sweat! The things we do for our kids! ;) Email me and let me know what day you guys are headed up for Nick's wedding! :) Jennifer

  2. It was RIDICULOUS HOT! We are very glad the fair has come and gone. My boys had animals, art, photography, was fun. By the way, our signs for Floral
    4-H Club livestock were very cool! Thanks!

  3. So even though we have been super busy around here, I think I am starting to get homesick. Just this morning I asked Chris if we could move back...not yet I am afraid. Anyway, we have pictures of Huntler from the fair in 2006 and it was HOT then too! Gentry was just a TINY TINY baby and I remember worrying about her overheating. I agree with you and Jennifer...the things we do for our kids!! :)

    Love ya!!


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