Friday, August 29, 2008

It's a BOY!!!

No, we're not expecting again...that would be crazy! But it was one year ago today ~Wednesday, August 29, 2007~ that we found out we were having a baby BOY! Our ultrasound appointment was at 12:00p.m. that day. Here is what I wrote about it in my pregnancy journal, I remember it like it was yesterday...

Although I was nervous about all the water I was supposed to drink for this appointment, once I got up on the table, she smeared the cold gel on my belly and we saw the first glimpse of our baby...I forgot all about how full my bladder was! Our ultrasound tech (Gail) was wonderful. She made us feel comfortable and explained everything she was doing and everything we saw on the screen. We'd just started, and she was moving the wand around on my belly trying to figure out what position the baby was laying in when WHAM, Justin and I both saw a 'pee-pee' shoot across the screen! I wasn't sure if he'd seen it, then he quietly asked Gail "so, will we be able to find out the sex today?" She said she didn't think that would be a problem! We knew shortly after that, we had a 110% sweet baby BOY!! Justin just squeezed my hand when she told us. I had to fight back the tears as I watched him move all around the screen. I knew how much Justin wanted a little boy, and even though I've always thought I 'd have a little girl, I couldn't have been happier at that moment just watching the excitement on Justin's face. Throughout the rest of the ultrasound, while she checked his heart and took all his measurements, he kept flashing us right and left! He's certainly not a shy little guy! We couldn't have been surprised if we'd wanted! Our tech said he'd probably be the little boy that's running around the house naked when he's two! It was a wonderful appointment and we both left the office grinning from ear to ear. We both took the rest of the day off work...don't think we would have been able to concentrate!
We went home that afternoon and took a nap together on the couch. Then that evening we gathered all of our family out at my parents house for a BBQ and big baby reveal! My friend Christie happened to be in town that week, and she's an awesome baker, so I had her make a special cake! She was actually the first to know the baby's sex because of this! Here is the cake she made....
I had everyone in our family write down their guess BOY or GIRL on a special page I'd made for my pregnancy scrapbook. Everyone was so anxious, we let them have dessert before dinner. Here's Gigi cutting into the cake while everyone waits..... Later that night, we had all of our friends over to share the news with them the same way! We let Christie cut into the cake, since she already knew!It was a wonderful day...I can't believe it's been a year! Now we have our beautiful baby boy and he's perfect!! God is so good!


  1. Oh how time flies! And he's growing so fast and is such a Handsome Lil Man!!
    You guys are such great parents, he's so blessed to have you two as Mommy and Daddy!
    Loves to you all!!

  2. What a sweet memory!! Reading that made me a bit teary thinking of our big reveal too! It truly is amazing what a difference a year can make, huh? :)


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